iMC 2.0 Excavator features

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iMC 2.0 excavator machine control features


1. Auto stop control

Be productive with less re-work


Auto stop control stops the bucket edge on the design surface during boom, arm or bucket operation, and eliminates over-digging past the desired grade. Operators can safely rely on the system’s intervention when required: no more need to constantly check the monitor or to worry about re-work. Just relax and be productive.



2. Auto grade assist

More accuracy, better results


New automatic features, such as Auto Grade Assist and Auto Tilt Control let the operator relax and focus on productivity, without having to worry about over digging. These two new features keep the bucket edge precisely on-grade, while increasing bucket fill factors.



3. Auto tilt control



4. Bucket precision

Calculate with confidence


Each bucket is easily calibrated to the excavator, so that the iMC system can always calculate the bucket’s nearest point or the “minimum distance” to the design model. Regardless of the bucket’s orientation, the system will always prevent it from damaging the surface. This gives operators confidence that, in the event of a mistake or when working on complex designs, the iMC system will always support them.



5. Bucket hold

Automatically does the work


Enables the operator to automatically set the bucket grading or digging angle. The iMC 2.0 system maintains a constant bucket angle, removing the need for the operator to adjust manually, boosting ease of operation in final grading or trimming work.