Smart Construction

Work smarter. Not harder.

Improving productivity and safety

Smart Construction is a major development in improving productivity and safety in the construction, quarrying and mining industries through the application of unique technology and integrated products. It’s designed to work across mixed-brand equipment fleets, offering a single “one-stop-shop” service and support solution across all phases of a project's lifecycle.


Our vision

Increased collaboration involves interacting with more stakeholders, complex systems and new challenges. We have a vision to improve operations across all steps of the construction process and project lifecycle up and down the value chain. Real data, real insights, real decisions, Smart Construction makes oversights a thing of the past.


Connecting Smart Construction solutions

Creating value together by connecting equipment, technologies and personnel you need to get the job done! Learn more below:

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Smart Construction Solutions

  • Intelligent Machine Control (iMC) 2.0

    Easily apply advanced automation technology to your job sites

    Productivity is the key to success on your job site, and the faster your crew can reach a state of maximum productivity, the better. Now you have a powerful tool to help make that happen with Komatsu’s intelligent Machine Control (iMC).

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  • Dashboard

    Visualise your data for actionable results

    Visualise your data and know where you are today to measure and make decisions on where you want to be tomorrow. By combining 3D design data with aerial mapping and intelligent machine data, you can confirm quantities and see progress each day.

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  • Retrofit and Pilot

    Machine guidance

    A retrofit kit provides ICT functionality to an existing hydraulic excavator. Being equipped with the Kit allows the use of the following functions, thus enabling machine of a conventional type to perform ICT construction.

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  • Drone and Edge

    Accurately map your job site, in less time

    Why should you fly? A high-precision mapping drone can be 50% faster than a walking survey, and its boots never get muddy. Drone mapping helps with planning, sends data as you progress and gives you information that you can turn into efficiencies and better reporting.

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  • Smart Quarry Site

    Komatsu Smart Quarry Site logo

    Your fleet management solution

    Smart Quarry Site is an innovative fleet management solution designed to empower site and project management personnel with unparalleled production visualisation for quarry and major civil construction sites. With a simple glance, you gain access to real-time animated insights into every aspect of your production machines, as well as the material they are handling, extracting, shifting, or placing.

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  • Remote

    Stay connected to your machines

    Work shouldn’t stop just because you’re not on-site. Remotely send files from your office to target machines, easily search all connected assets or login to a machine and see exactly what your operator is seeing with Komatsu Smart Construction Remote.

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