Inclusion and Diversity at Komatsu

Inclusion and Diversity at Komatsu

Graphic with the word Inclusion in the middle and Gender, Cultural and Generational as the outer elementsInclusion and Diversity at Komatsu is continually evolving. Komatsu believe hiring diverse talent isn’t enough and it’s the workplace experience that shapes whether people remain and thrive.


Our I&D strategy places inclusion at the heart to ensure all of our people thrive and have a great experience working for Komatsu. The three pillars of diversity under our strategy are Gender, Cultural and Generational diversity.


Inclusion at Komatsu

Inclusion at Komatsu is defined as a foundation of mutual respect and a sense of belonging, where we appreciate differences, and all opinions are heard and valued. We may not always agree but we respect each other's perspectives and work together to move forward.

Speech bubbles describing how people are respected at Komatsu


How is Komatsu contributing to inclusion in the workplace?

  • •  Respect at Komatsu Workshops and ongoing education
  • •  Inclusion & Diversity Action Group
  • •  Flexible Ways of Working
  • •  Families at Komatsu Policy entitlements available to employees regardless of gender – 16 weeks paid leave for Primary Carers and 4 weeks paid leave for Secondary Carers
  • •  Leadership Programs
  • •  42% female diversity for the 2024 Apprenticeship intake
  • •  50% gender diversity target for the 2024 Graduate Program
  • •  Work 180 “Employer for All Women” Endorsement
  • •  Cert II Automotive Servicing Traineeships
  • •  Members of the Champions of Change Coalition Industry Panel, a group committed to increasing diversity
  • •  Supplier Multiplier Project involving information sharing with our suppliers to increase diversity in the industry
  • •  Western Sydney Wanderers Women and Perth Scorchers BBL and WBBL sponsorship

Work 180 Endorsed employer for all women badge, group of people standing with dump truck machine, and group of people standing with a cricket bat and cricket balls


Gender Diversity

The Gender pillar of our Inclusion and Diversity strategy is focused on moving towards a gender balance in our organisation that is more reflective of society. As a result, Komatsu have set an aspirational target of 25% female participation by 2025.

Each year, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency will publish details about the gender pay gap for Australian employers with more than 100 staff. At Komatsu, we welcome this initiative, which brings transparency to an important topic. We are proud of the strides we have already taken, and we are working hard to keep closing the gap. At the entry level we target 40% female recruitment, and in 2022-2023, 30% of our appointments to leadership roles were women.

However, this year’s gender wage gap report shows that Komatsu has plenty more to do. In particular, the report highlights lower female representation in senior leadership positions and roles with commission and overtime opportunities such as sales and trades. These will be key focus areas as we work to continue closing the pay gap.

Click here to view Komatsu’s 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report

Click here to view our 2022–23 Gender Equity Report.


Cultural Diversity

The Cultural pillar of our Inclusion and Diversity strategy is focused on awareness and celebration of our already culturally diverse workforce. First Nation’s diversity is also celebrated under the cultural pillar. 


Generational Diversity

The Generational pillar of our Inclusion and Diversity strategy is focused on celebrating and understanding the generational diversity of the Komatsu workforce. Our workforce profile and generational expectations are shifting and Komatsu are committed to keeping up with the change.