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About us

Komatsu Training Academy is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), which assists its construction, quarry and mining customers by delivering nationally recognised and customised training by a variety of methodologies e.g. online, on-site, at customers’ premises or at a Komatsu dedicated training facility. Offerings include a mix of customised onsite, nationally recognised qualifications and units, along with purpose-designed operator, technical and leadership training.

Benefits to your business
As an industry specific RTO, you can be assured that Komatsu Training Academy delivers the very best training from experts who not only know this industry intimately, but who are passionately committed to achieving the right outcomes for you and your workforce.

In today’s labour market, where a shortage of experienced service technicians and skilled operators is impacting on the industries in which we operate and serve, all too often training has become focused on churning out numbers of apprentices, aiming more at quantity rather than at quality outcomes. At Komatsu Training Academy, we focus on what is really needed: up-skilling for production improvement, preventive maintenance and safety.

We believe that the difference between a key technician or operator who is merely competent compared with one who is truly proficient at their job, can translate into significant benefits to your bottom line as well as having a more engaged and committed loyal workforce. We understand the challenges of your specific operating environment, and how to work with you to get the very best from your equipment and your management, technical and operational teams.

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Skills packages
At Komatsu Training Academy, we recognise that the first step in ensuring safe, productive and profitable worksites is to have plant operators and service technicians who can safely and competently operate and service their machines, then build on these core skills to develop into highly proficient professionals.

We offer a range of training and skills development courses, from industry accredited nationally recognised machine-specific courses, through to specialist courses that ensure the highest levels of proficiency and professionalism – and capable of delivering measurable and sustainable improvements in productivity, cost reduction, machine reliability and safety.

Operator and technician training courses available through Komatsu Training Academy cover a variety of mining, construction and utility machines including backhoe/loaders, dozers, shovels, crushers, dump trucks, excavators (conventional and hybrid), graders and wheel loaders, as well as general systems and technologies. In addition, Komatsu Training Academy can develop and tailor any training program to suit customers’ specific requirements. Contact us to discuss how we can customise your training to meet your specific business objectives.

RTO Number 90996