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Focusing on fleet selection, performance, and improvement projects

Komatsu is committed to ensuring our customers are using their machines in the most productive manner, whether that is through understanding your specific mine site data, project improvements or implementing the best technology that will see significant returns and continuous value.

We do this through placing highly skilled and experienced mining professionals into your operation, to ensure your Komatsu mining equipment is performing, productive and profitable.

Komatsu’s Applications Engineering team is a group of dedicated mining engineers whose primary focus is fleet selection, performance, and improvement for our customers’ fleets.

They work closely with you to ensure the right equipment is chosen to suit operations, conduct on-site application studies, perform machine performance tests, and carry out studies on payload, GHG emissions, and overall productivity on your site.

The Application Engineering team also uses Komatsu’s suite of digital tools to enable customers to quickly assess machine performance and productivity, continuously looking at ways to identify opportunities for site improvement.