Improvement projects for your mine site

Optimise fleet performance onsite

There are many ways to optimise fleet performance onsite, and Komatsu works closely with our mining customers across many areas to ensure productivity and performance are continuously being monitored for improvements.

  • GHG Reduction
    • Komatsu prides itself on working alongside our customers to help meet sustainability goals.
    • By assisting customers reduce scope 1 emissions, we are simultaneously working on our scope 3 emission goal to reduce emissions by 50% by 2030.
  • Operator Proficiency
    • Using data gathered from your machine dashboards, we will help fleet owners identify performance improvement opportunities across your operators and utilise our training resources where they’re needed most.
  • Payload enhancements
    • Komatsu works with you to ensure your payload is optimised so your fleet is continuously performing, providing the right tools and expert resources to manage your payload performance.

      We help ensure that each truck is carrying the right payload so that truck cycle times are optimised.
  • Truck Cycle Optimisation
    • Time is money on any mine site, and making sure your fleet is continuously moving and working is critical.

      We look at the truck cycle and all the events that slow or stop a cycle, and help introduce countermeasures to eliminate, reduce or stack these delays so that a truck has more operating time and less stopped time.

      We will also make sure that the truck allocation and management is right so that there are reduced truck delays for a loading unit without having trucks sitting idle in queue.
  • Off Circuit Travel
    • Pit design is a crucial but sometimes overlooked element on a mine site. We will help you look into pit design, as well as the frequency and reasons for a truck to travel anywhere onsite when not loading or dumping.

      This could include moving support functions like re-fuelling, greasing, crib rooms or toilets to be close to the normal travel path increasing the productive operating time.
  • Operational Delay and Shift Change Reduction
    • We’ll look into delays that may come from operators, and ways reduce the amount of time an operator has away from operating their machine.

      This includes crib delays, shift change process, re-fuelling and inspections.
  • Loading Unit Optimisation
    • Using segmented data, we can benchmark operator performance and identify the highest value opportunities for operators for performance improvement.

      This can include breaking loading performance down to payload compliance, dig time, swing time, dumping time, return time and clean up / face management practices.

      We will also use data to work with operators and identify opportunities for you to improve the management of the face and work area, specifically how you manage truck flow in the area.
  • Reliability Focused Projects
    • Maintaining your fleet is also a crucial element in improving productivity and performance.

      Our team can develop projects that are centered around ongoing maintenance of your fleet, using data captured to understand more about your machine’s performance, identify any issues and develop strategies to improve.