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Thank you to our valued customers for using Komtrax, we are pleased to announce that Komtrax will become easier to access through the launch of Komtrax Single Sign-On.


Here’s a quick rundown on what Komtrax Single Sign-On (SSO) is, how it works, when it will be launched and how you can sign up for it:


What is Komtrax SSO?

In short, Komtrax SSO (Single Sign-On) simplifies the sign-in process to Komtrax by using multifactor authentication instead of the standard username and password entry based process.


What is Multifactor Authentication?

Multifactor Authentication also known as two-step verification provides additional security by using a second form of authentication through a range of easy to use authentication methods: Phone call, or text message code, or mobile app based verification.


Komtrax SSO multifactor authentication is managed through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.


What will be different?

Only the way you access Komtrax will be different.

The process will be simplified: Once you register for Komtrax SSO you will in future access Komtrax through your preferred verification method without the need for you to enter your Komtrax username and password.


What are the Benefits of Komtrax SSO?

1. Additional security is applied to your account whilst improving ease of access to Komtrax.

2. Simplified sign-in process: Once you have signed up for Komtrax SSO, username and password entry will not be required to access Komtrax in future.

3. With SSO, your Komtrax password will also not expire so no more password resetting will be required.

Will Anything change on the Komtrax website?

No, everything will stay the same, only the way you access Komtrax will become easier.

How and When will Komtrax SSO be introduced?


Komtrax SSO will be introduced on the 23rd of March 2020 as follows:


1. An invitation email from Microsoft will be sent to your registered email address that we have on record as follows:

                   FROM: Microsoft Invitations (

                   TITLE: You’re invited to the Komatsu Ltd organization.

The email will contain all the details and links to information you need to easily and successfully sign-up for Komtrax SSO.

2. For your convenience the current Komtrax website link will redirect to Komtrax SSO, so if you have saved the current Komtrax link as a favorite in your web browser, then you do not need to change it to use Komtrax SSO.​

What do I need to do?

Before Signing up for Komtrax SSO: Please ensure you have an active Komtrax account that you have accessed in the last 90 days, if you need any support with your account or resetting your password you can contact us at or +61 297 958 568.

Simply open your invitation email and follow the instructions.

Does Komtrax SSO also extend to the Komtrax mobile app?

Komtrax SSO only applies to the Komtrax desktop website at this stage. You will still be able to access the mobile app using your current Komtrax user ID and password. Komtrax SSO access for the Komtrax mobile app is planned for future release and we will share more updates on this soon.


As always, if you need your Komtrax account updated, or if you require support with Komtrax SSO, please feel free to reach out to the team at: 



Phone: +61 297 958 568


Further Information:

Click here to access the Komtrax SSO FAQ site