Respect at Komatsu

Respect at Komatsu

“Komatsu is committed to being a transparent organisation, to empower our employees and ensure your voice is being heard” - Sean Taylor

Respect at Komatsu is a program to support a safe and inclusive environment, with a commitment to prevent bullying, harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment and every day sexism.

Respect at Komatsu introduces zones of behaviour, to help employees understand the actions and behaviours in the workplace that are acceptable, unacceptable and those that you should proceed with caution.

Three lollipop signs with the words "Go", "Proceed with caution" and "Stop"

As part of the Respect at Komatsu journey, we are committed to transparently sharing details of incidents related to respect and outlining the behaviour of those involved. Each incident will is categorised into one of our Komatsu Zones and details are shared of the actions Komatsu have to ensure our employees are treated with respect at work. Our intent is to continue to learn from experiences and become more aware of the impact of our comments and behaviours on others, reflecting and working together to create a safer and more inclusive environment at Komatsu


Say Again?

Say Again? Is a campaign established in 2019 as a way to call out inappropriate behaviour, especially everyday sexism, without being confrontational.  If you hear someone make a sexist or inappropriate comment, simply respond with “Say Again?”.  By doing so you give the person a chance to think about what they have said and rephrase it.