• Engine

    Model Komatsu SAA6D125E-7*
    Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle
    Aspiration Turbo-charged, after-cooled, cooled EGR
    Number of cylinders 6
    Bore x stroke 125 x 150 mm
    Piston displacement 11.04 L
    Governor all-speed, electronic
        SAE J1995 - Gross 217 kW
        ISO 9249/SAE J1349 - Net 216 kW
        Net horsepower at the maximum
        speed of radiator cooling fan is
    208 kW 279 HP
        Rated rpm 1 600 rpm
    Fan drive method for radiator cooling Hydraulic
    Fuel system Direct injection
    Lubrication system:  
        Method Gear pump, force-lubrication
        Filter Full-flow type
    Air cleaner Dry type with double elements and dust evacuator, plus dust indicator

    *EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified

    ModelKomatsu SAA6D125E-7*
    TypeFour-cycle, water-cooled
    AspirationTurbo-charged, after-cooled, cooled EGR
    Number of cylinders6
    Bore x stroke125 mm x 150 mm
    Displacement11.04 ltr
    Horsepower, Gross - SAE J1995217 kW / 291 HP
    Horsepower, Net - ISO 9249 / SAE J1349Net 216 kW / 290 HP
    Rated RPM1600 min-1
    GovernorAll-speed, electronic
    Fan drive methodHydraulic
    Emissions certificationEPA Tier 4 Final
    Lubrication system:Method: Gear pump, force-lubrication
    Lubrication system:Filter Full-flow type
    Air cleanerDry type with double elements and dust evacuator, plus dust indicator
  • Transmission

    Transmission Hydraulic Mechanical planetary type
    Travel speed:
    (Measured with 26.5-25 tires)
        Forward 1.9 - 23.6 mph
        Reverse 1.9 - 17.4 mph
  • Axles and Final Drives

    Drive system Four-wheel drive
    Front Fixed, semi-floating
    Rear Centre-pin support, semi-floating, 26° total oscillation
    Reduction gear Spiral bevel gear
    Differential gear Conventional type
    Final reduction gear Planetary gear, single reduction 
    Drive systemFour-wheel drive
    FrontFixed, semi-floating
    RearCentre-pin support, semi-floating, 26° total oscillation
    Reduction gearSpiral bevel gear
    Differential gearConventional type
    Final reduction gearPlanetary gear, single reduction 
  • Brakes

    Service brakesHydraulically actuated wet disc brakes, incorporating brake cooling system
    Parking brakeWet disc brake
    Secondary brakeParking brake is commonly used
  • Steering System

    TypeArticulated type, fully hydraulic power steering
    Steering angle35° each direction (40° to max end stop)
    Minimum turning radius at centre of outside tyre6630 mm
  • Hydraulic System

    Steering System:

    Hydraulic pump Piston pump
    Capacity (at rated rpm) 157.7 ltr/min at rated rpm
    Relief valve setting

    24.5 MPa

    250 kgf/cm2

    Hydraulic Cylinders:
    Type Double-acting, piston type
    Number of cylinders 2
    Bore x stroke 90 mm x 441 mm

    Loader Control:

    Hydraulic pump Piston pump
    Capacity 333 ltr/min at rated rpm
    Relief valve setting

    35.3 MPa

    350 kgf/cm2

    Hydraulic Cylinders:
    Type Double-acting, piston type
    Number of cylinders, bore x stroke  
    Lift cylinder 2- 150 mm x 764 mm
    Bucket cylinder 1- 180 mm x 540 mm
    Control valve 2-spool type
    Control Positions:
    Boom Raise, hold, lower, and float
    Bucket Tilt-back, hold, and dump
    Hydraulic Cycle Time: (rated load in bucket)
    Raise 5.8 sec
    Dump 1.6 sec
    Lower (empty) 3.1 sec
  • Service Refill Capacities

    Cooling system65 ltr
    Fuel tank380 ltr
    Engine38 ltr
    Hydraulic system135 ltr
    Axle front59 ltr
    Axle rear59 ltr
    Torque converter and transmission65 ltr
    DEF tank36 ltr

WA475-10 Wheel Loaders

The newly designed WA475-10 features next-generation technology developed with input from customers like you to deliver improved productivity and lower fuel costs. Ideal for quarry applications, this gentle giant is a unique solution for tomorrow’s challenges.

The WA475-10 saves 30% more on fuel efficiency than the previous model and is perfect for any hauling or loading jobs with an outstanding combination of fuel efficiency, productivity and ease of operation.
The wheel loader features the newly developed Komatsu’s Hydraulic Mechanical Transmission (KHMT), an innovative solution that makes the loader more powerful and more fuel-efficient. Variable speed control allows operators to adjust the machine’s top speed to meet specific site requirements, and the adjustable variable traction control also limits wheel spin on unstable and slippery ground conditions often found on many quarry and waste sites.
An optimised Z-bar linkage system provides much more lift force and a higher tonnes-per-hour production rate on the WA475-10, and the response time of the hydraulics and the dumping or lifting can be set to specific site requirements.

The loader can also be tailored for specific applications, whether that is the demanding nature of a waste site, or the abrasive environments of quarries. The Komatsu team will work with customers to provide a solution that is tailored to the loader’s application, from enquiry to post delivery, maintaining service checks and requirements.


Tier 4 Engine KDPF Regeneration
  • 216 kW / 290 HP
  • 25,830 kg
  • 5.2 m³

A powerful Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine

Provides a net output of 216 kW 290 HP with 17% improved fuel consumption. This engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.

Operator Environment

• Large front and rear glass with high visibility
• New 5-way adjustable console
• Command selector for intuitive monitor operation
• User interface preferred switch layout
• Powered adjustable rearview mirror with heater

Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems

Reduce particulate matter and NOx while providing automatic regeneration that does not interfere with daily operation.

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