• Operating capacities, weights and dimensions

    *Standard rock bucket based on a material density of 2 000 kg/m3.

    Bucket capacity*11.2 m3
    Static tipping loads473 kN
    Breakout force (tilt)347 kN
    Operating weight59 091 kg
  • Working ranges

    *Bucket capacity: 8.2 m3, 10.0 m3 and 11.2 m3 bucket options available.

    Engine rated power 
    Base engine280 kW
    Option engine320 kW
    Payload18 000 kg
  • Power module

    Diesel power optionsBase
    MTU detroit diesel engineUS Tier 4f
    ModelSeries 1300, 12.8 L Six cylinders
    TypeFour-cycle turbo charged
    Rated engine power483  HP @ 1 800 rpm
    More InformationEmission Flex Package is available for areas where ultra-low sulphur fuel is not available, The EFP is without the catalytic converter and DEF. A diesel particulate filter is available as an option.
    More InformationThe independent power module mounting system, consisting of the engine coupled to the SR generator, is cradled within the rear frame by a three-point isolation system.
    More InformationRadiator/oil cooler module Replaceable tube type, over-under split flow Thermostatically controlled, variable speed hydraulic motor-driven, radiator-mounted fan
    Exhaust systemMTU Tier 4f final exhaust after treatment catalyst converter and DEF.
  • Control system - LINCS II

    Information Displays real-time load data, cycle times, production rates and operational profile. Memory capable of retaining months of production information Smart Solutions remote monitoring connectivity available for additional diagnostics and productivity analysis Capable of interfacing with radio dispatch systems for on-site real-time monitoring
    More Information CAN Based Vehicle Control Unit incorporating high speed monitoring and advanced diagnostics including integrated data logging and storage. LINCS II uses a dash mounted full color touch screen display as the operator interface. Out of range conditions will cause an audible alarm along with a message screen that is color coded to indicate severity. In addition, the touch screen display provides repair technicians with operational data and fault messages.
    LINCS II load weigh 
  • Steering and hoisting system

    SteeringSteering function is controlled by a single joystick. Constant engine rpm assures full hydraulic steering response.
    Articulation angle46°
    Turning radius Outside7.64 m
    Turning radius Inside3.21 m
    Hoist and bucket controlHoist and bucket control functions are incorporated into a single joystick control. The proportional electro-hydraulic controlled hoist and bucket system is independent of the steering system.
    Standard/high lift cycle times - Hoist8.4 s
    Standard/high lift cycle times - Dump2.0 s
    Standard/high lift cycle times - Float4.0 s
    Standard/high lift cycle times - Total14.4 s
  • Operator cabin


    • ISO ROPS/FOPS design, rubber mounted for comfort
    • Foot box for improved operator ergonomics
    • Door interlock sets park brakes, blocks steering movement once the machine is stationary and bucket and boom functions immediately
    • Door movement damper to control door movement
    • Adjustable air seat suspension with four (4) point harness
  • Electrical propulsion system

    Switched Reluctance (SR) Technology
    Electrical Propulsion System

    • Digital microprocessor controlled traction drive
    • Switched Reluctance (SR) drive advantages include:
      • No commutator, brushes or rotor windings on SR motors or generator
      • SR KESS - Kinetic Energy Storage System
      • Parts commonality - power conversion modules identical for motor, generator and SR KESS

    Travel speed
    Forward and reverse 0-27 km/h


    • G40 SR Generator
    • Switched Reluctance (SR)

    Traction motors

    • B9 SR motor (water cooled)

    Planetary gearing

    Model 29A

    • In-line gear train mounted within the rim of the tire, transmitting power from the traction motor through the tire/rim assembly
    • A four-stage planetary drive unit in each position
    • Total reduction: 92.63:1
  • Hydraulic system

    Pumps(Maximum flow rate at 1 800 rpm)
    Bucket and hoist - Piston468 L/min
    Fast hoist - Piston171 L/min
    Accessory - Piston171 L/min
    Steering - Piston171 L/min
    Accessory - Piston171 L/min
    Main - Valve, Two (2)221 L/min
    Pump pressure275 bar
    Steering - Valve, One (1)341 L/min
    Pump pressure275 bar
    CylindersDouble acting, single-stage (diameter)
    Hoist - Cylinders230 mm
    Bucket - Cylinders254 mm
    Steering - Cylinders140 mm
  • Brake system

    Primary brake system

    Electric dynamic braking system is controlled from the accelerator pedal and can bring the loader to a full stop without application of mechanical brakes.

    Secondary brake system

    Hydraulically modulated traction motor speed disc brakes

    • Dual calipers on each front traction motor, single caliper on each rear traction motor
    • Emergency fail to safe brakes in the event of hydraulic pressure loss. Spring Applied Hydraulic Release (SAHR)

    Parking brake system

    SAHR caliper brake on each traction motor

  • 24V electrical system

    • 200 amp alternator
    • Modular IP67 wiring system
    • Lockable, dual isolation switch system
    • Separate, fully isolated auxiliary power supply for fire suppression and radio systems
    • 16 x 50 watt LED driving and work lights
  • Air filtration


    Dual safety filters for engine air intake with Sy-Klone™ Dome precleaner

  • Fluid capacities

    Fuel757 L
    Hydraulic473 L
    SR converter cooling system18.9 L
    Engine cooling system75.7 L
    Engine oil39 L
    Planetaries (each) 7.6 L
  • Buckets

    10.0 m3, 11.0 m3, 12.2m3 and 13.8 m3

    For actual bucket configuration and sizing, consult your local representative.

  • Structural

    Frames are fabricated from high strength, low-alloy steel with excellent weld characteristics and extreme low temperature properties. The front axle is an integral, fixed part of the front frame. The rear axle center oscillates eight degrees.

    Unique forged ball and socket joints are utilized in multiple pivot locations (lift arms, rear axle, frame articulation, hoist cylinders). These joints are superior in absorbing and distributing multi-directional stresses. Features easily replaceable brass liners for long life and easy maintenance.

    High strength castings are used in key areas of fabricated structures to reduce stress and improve structural life.

  • Remote control/automation system

    • RCT Control Master - line of sight remote control
    • CAN interface between remote hardware and machine control
    • Safety system/fail safe system inter-connectivity hard wired to RCT module (emergency stop, fire system, park brake)
    • Functional safety to ISO 62001

WX22H Underground hard rock haulage

The WX22H hybrid LHD uses proprietary KESS technology designed for the hard rock environment. This workhorse is engineered to help reduce fuel consumption and lower total operating costs due to fewer operating mechanical parts.

  • 320 kW / 429 HP
  • 59,091 kg
  • 11.2 m³

Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)

During propulsion, diesel energy is converted to electricity. Energy flows from the motors and is stored in the KESS unit. During acceleration, both the diesel engine and the energy stored in the KESS can provide the equivalent of one 400 HP engine being boosted by another 550 HP engine.

Lower operating costs

With less fuel being consumed, your mine operations can run more efficiently. The SR hybrid drive system in the WX18H and WX22H LHDs has fewer operating mechanical parts subject to wear and tear. Plus, costs related to ventilation needs are reduced.