• Machine overview

    Operating weight805 014 kg
    Standard track pads1 626 mm
    Ground bearing pressure29.6 N/cm2
    Engine output2 386 kW
    Bucket capacity @ 1.9 t/m331.1 m3
    Rated suspended load127.5 mt
  • Operational ranges

    Maximum reach at ground level14.64 m
    Maximum dig reach17.84 m
    Operator eye level8.9 m
    Maximum dump height11.54 m
    Height of cut18.11 m
  • Clamshell bucket

    Nominal payload59 mt
    Standard HD bucket @ 1.9 t/m3 (2:1 heaped)31.1 m3
    Lip width5 080 mm
    Number of teeth6
    Weight without wear package67 719 kg
    Weight with wear package70 105 kg
    Overburden bucket36 m3
    Iron ore bucket27.1 m3

2650CX Hybrid Mining Shovels

Combining the cost benefits of electric rope shovels with the flexible digging and maneuverability benefits of hydraulic excavators. The 2650CX hybrid shovel delivers up to a 15 percent reduction in cost per ton compared to 550- to 700-ton hydraulic excavators.

SR hybrid drive

Engineered to save on fuel and maintenance costs, SR hybrid drive technology captures regenerative power that is naturally produced, and transfers energy back into the SR drives.

Rope shovel attachment with clamshell bucket

Extended reach and excellent height clearance for efficient loading of ultra-class haul trucks due to a fixed boom and handle attachment configuration. Hydraulically articulated clamshell bucket increases material selectivity for a flexible digging operation.

Twin diesel engines

For improved mobility, twin diesel engines eliminate the requirement for an electric trail cable.