• Working ranges

    *Height shown with bail-type dipper. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compact-bail dippers. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height

    Height of cut15.8 m
    Radius of cut 24.7 m
    Dumping height* (door open)9.1 m
    Floor level radius16.4 m
    Tail swing radius10.2 m
    Operator eye level9.5 m
  • Capacity

    *Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors. Contact Komatsu Mining for an analysis of your specific application.

    Nominal payload*81.6 mt
    Nominal dipper capacity SAE struck SAE 2:1 45.9m3 50.8 m3
    Rated suspension load154.2 mt
    Optimum truck size (218 mt (240 st) truck shown)172 - 363 mt
  • Electrical control

    Centurion supervisory controller provides direct integrated communication with motor drives giving precise motor control and fast cycle times. Real-time multi-tasking capability allows for optimal machine logic sequencing, monitoring and control. Centurion I/O system uses ‘Profibus’ communication protocol for seamless integration of all shovel subsystems and future expandability. Low-voltage 24V DC I/O drop points feature open and short circuit detection for improved diagnostics and troubleshooting. Centurion information system’s enhanced Graphical User Interface (GUI) features intuitive, icon-based screens to display vital information such as shovel status, troubleshooting information, and optional production monitoring data and operator feedback.

  • Electrical control systems

    The electrical drive system is comprised of a multi drive platform, sharing a common DC bus between the IGBT Supply Unit (ISU) and the motor drive Inverter Units (INU). The fully regenerative ISU controls the power flow to and from the shovel, maintaining a near unity power factor with extremely low harmonic content. The fully regenerative INU controls the power flow to and from the individual AC josmotors.

    Electrical drive ratings 
    (50°C, 2000m)Nominal Drive Power
    IGBT supply unit (ISU)3679 kVA
    Crowd motion1000 kW
    Hoist motion4000 kW
    Propel motion2200 kW
    Swing motion2000 kW
    Hoist motor (two used) - Continuous rating @ 690 volts peak developed powerTotal 2388kW/3200hp 2834kW/3800hp
    Swing motor (two used) - Continuous rating @ 690 volts peak developed powerTotal 1090kW/1460hp 1370kW/1838hp
    Crowd motor (one used) - Continuous rating @ 690 volts peak developed powerTotal 545kW/730hp 800kW/1071hp
    Propel motor (two used) - Continuous rating @ 690 volts peak developed powerTotal 1090kW/1460hp 1264kW/1695hp
  • Power requirements

    *Voltage per customer requirements

    Supply voltage*4,160 or 7,200 V 3 phase, 60 Hz 
    Supply voltage*5,000, 6,000 or 6,600 3 phase, 50 Hz
    Supply transformer(minimum) 3000 kVA
    Minimum short circuit VA available at shovel25 MVA
    Main transformer2130 kVA
    Auxiliaries transformer310 kVA
    Control/lighting supply winding50 kVA
  • Propel

    Two rugged P&H planetary gear cases of proven design independently transmit torque to the drive sprockets, producing the tractive effort required for fast, efficient propel and positioning operations. P&H Delta drive low tension sprocket drive system with heavy duty cast crawler shoes. Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.

  • Crowd

    Powerband V-belt drive between motor and gear case absorbs shock loads.

    First and second reduction gearing in enclosed gear case for reliable splash lubrication, ease of maintenance, and extended component life.

    Twin-leg dipper handle with torsion box and rack and pinion drive has inherent stability in the bank for optimal digging.

    Spring-set air release disc brake.

    Optional crowd filtration system available.

  • Hoist

    All gearing housed in single enclosed gear case with filtered oil circulation for reliable splash lubrication and ease of maintenance.

    Large 65” diameter hoist drum for extended rope bending life. Ferrule becket system and dual electric tuggers are standard for efficient rope change.

    Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.

  • Swing

    Two modular P&H planetary gear cases of proven design and a single piece forged swing gear transmit torque for fast cycle times.

    Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor. 

    Optional Swing Filtration system available

  • Cable data

    Hoist (wire rope)

    67 mm
    70 mm

    2.62 in. dia.
    2.75 in. dia.
    Suspension (bridge strand) 102 mm 4.00 in. dia.
    Dipper trip (wire rope) 19 mm 0.75 in. dia.
  • Overall dimensions

    A Width13.1 m
    B Length14.9 m
    C Height over gantry12.6 m
    D Width of crawler shoes1930 mm 2210 mm
    E Width of crawlers (76")9.9 m
    F Length of crawlers11.6 m
    G Ground clearance1.1 m
    H Height — ground to bottom of counterweight slabs2.3 m
  • Ground pressure and weight

    * All weights subject to 10% variation.
    ** To be furnished by customer.

    Bearing area – ground pressure 
    Crawler bearing area 76” shoes / 1930 mm34.69 m2
    Crawler ground pressure 76” shoes / 1930 mm351 kPa
    Crawler bearing area 87” shoes / 2210 mm39.71 m2
    Crawler ground pressure 87” shoes / 2210 mm308 kPa
    Weights – approximate* 
    Working weight (with dipper, approx. wt.) 
    76” shoes / 1930 mm1,243,300 kg
    87” shoes / 2210 mm1,247,800 kg
    Counterweight (ballast)**304,000 kg

4100C AC Electric Rope Shovels

The 4100C electric rope shovel, with a nominal payload of 81.6 mt (90 st), provides reliability and high productivity. The 4100C is an upgraded version of our popular 4100A shovel; most of the 4100A shovels sold in the last 25 years are still in operation today.

Current Offers

The Argus Payload Monitoring System

The Argus Payload Monitoring System weighs each bucket in real-time, which helps eliminate the need to stop and calculate payload before loading the truck. Immediate feedback promotes loading accuracy, while peer benchmarking works to reinforce best practices to improve operator performance.

ProVision Machine Guidance System

The ProVision Machine Guidance System promotes increased operator efficiency and productivity through the use of high-precision global navigation satellite system (HP-GNSS) positioning. Capable of providing up to 1 cm accuracy, the ProVision System helps guide shovel operators to dig the right material, keep the designed bench grade, respect dig limits, and work within the machine’s prime operating specifications. The system also provides guidance to truck operators to help promote precise spotting at a loading unit. 

MineCare Maintenance Management System

The MineCare Maintenance Management System combines the benefits of real-time remote equipment health monitoring with cloud computing technology and advanced analytics capabilities. The MineCare System promotes the advanced detection of issues before they occur, thus helping to reduce unplanned maintenance events, promoting increased uptime and utilisation and reduced maintenance costs and equipment degradation.