• Engine


    Komatsu SAA4D102SE-1

    Engine power

    at rated engine speed 2300 rpm
    ISO 14396 75.0 kW / 101 HP
    ISO 9249 (net engine power) 68.6 kW / 92.0 HP

    Engine Displacement (litre)

    3.6 ltr

    Number of cylinders


    Cooling fan Viscous fan clutch
    Air-filter type Dry type air cleaner with clogging indicator
    Fuel Diesel fuel, conforming to EN590
    Class 2/Grade D. Paraffinic fuel
    capability (HVO, GTL, BTL),
    conforming to EN 15940:2016
    Model Komatsu SAA4D102SE-1
    Engine power at rated engine speed: 2300 rpm, ISO 14396 75.0 kW / 101 HP ISO 9249 (net engine power) 68.6 kW / 92.0 HP
    Displacement3.6 ltr
    Number of cylinders4
  • Operating Weight

    Operating weight Standard: 8320
  • Hydraulic System

    System SynchroSystem with Speed-up function for loader arm

    Pump type

    CLSS. Closed-centre system with load sensing and pressure compensation valves

    No. of working modes 2 (Power / Economy)

    Hydraulic pump

    Variable displacement axial pistons

    Working pressure (max.)

    250 bar

    Main valve

    LIFD “Load Independent Flow Divider” modular type
  • Loader

    Bucket capacity (m3) 1.0
    Dump height (mm) 2720
    Bucket width (mm) 2320
    Bucket breakout force (kgf) 6500
  • Transmission

    Transmission type Full Power Shift
    Drive 2WD / 4WD
    Number of speeds, Fwd / Rev 4 / 4
    Maximum speed, Fwd / Rev (km/h) 40.0
    Ride Control (Standard/Optional/NA) Standard
  • Dimensions

    Travel length (mm) 5895
    Travel height (mm) 3780
    Width (mm) 2320
  • Service Information

    Fuel tank (litre) 150
  • Communications System

    KOMTRAX Satellite tracking Yes 
  • Standard Fitment

    ENGINE & RELATED ITEMS - Komatsu SAA4D104E-1 engine. - Air cleaner, dual element with precleaner. - Full compliance with EU Stage IIIA and EPA Tier III exhaust emission regulations. - Side by side cooling cores, (engine, transmission, hydraulic, intercooler).
    ELECTRICAL SYSTEM - Alternator, 12 Volt, 120 Ampere. - Battery, standard, 1 x 12 Volt, 155 Ah. - Starter motor, 12 Volt, 3.0 kW.
    POWERTRAIN - Electronically controlled, four wheel drive, Full Power Shift transmission, 4 speed. - Heavy duty axles. - Oil immersed disc brakes, individual rear or total integral braking.
    TYRES - Front - 12.5/80 R18 - 10 PR. - Rear - 16.9 x 28 - 12 PR.

WB97R-8 Backhoes

With a backhoe dig depth to 5.2 m with extended dipper and a 1.03 m³ loader bucket capacity, our Komatsu WB97R-8E0 is a user-friendly machine with top class performance. As with all utility-sized machines, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 75 kW / 101 HP
  • 5,245 mm
  • 9,500 kg

Maximised efficiency

The Komatsu EU Stage V compact engine featuring state-of-the-art technology delivers the highest efficiency in a small package. The aftertreatment system combines a maintenance free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). With ultra-low emissions, it provides a lower environmental impact and a
superior performance to help reduce operating costs and lets the operator work in complete peace of mind.

Optimal jobsite safety

The wide round glass surface presents a highly increased visibility. The bonnet shape, the lateral exhaust pipe and the upper front window make it easy and safe to work with the front loader. When operating the backhoe excavator, the operator can easily open the single frame window and comfortably overlook the surrounding area.

Powerful and environmentally friendly

• EU Stage V engine
• Increased engine displacement
• Viscous fan clutch
• Monitoring system with Eco gauge
• Power and Eco mode improve fuel efficiency
• Maintenance-free Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
• Hyper vent switch for engine cooling fan

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