Safety and employee engagement: our key drivers for customer satisfaction

Colin Shaw, Executive General Manager, People and Strategy. OneKomatsu_ColinS_350x1784-(1).jpg

Employee engagement and safety drive everything we do at One Komatsu – and this approach helps us achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Ensuring that our current and future employees are engaged, committed and enthusiastic about One Komatsu is key to ensuring that we continue to deliver high levels of customer satisfaction.

Both Komatsu and Joy Global in their previous incarnations were very strongly customer-focused organisations, and now with 3250 employees across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, we are closer to more customers in more market segments than ever before.

This opens up far more opportunities for solutions that we can offer mining customers, both in coal and hard rock. We can now provide complete end-to-end solutions for any mining project, from the largest iron ore or coal mine, to the most challenging underground coal or hard rock mine.

Across all mining sectors, we have proven expertise in automated, semi-automated and remote control systems, ensuring we now offer the highest standards in safety, production and mine efficiency.

In addition, many of our mining products offer new opportunities for our civil construction and quarrying customers, whether Montabert rock breakers and drills, underground hard rock products in civil tunnelling projects, or crushing and conveying solutions for quarrying and large infrastructure projects.

And at One Komatsu, the critical factor in achieving our key goals of customer focus and industry-leading safety is a dedicated, committed and engaged workforce.

We are very strongly of the view that, the more closely you engage your people and your managers, the better your customer satisfaction levels – and I’m very happy to report that both our employee engagement and our customer satisfaction levels are at all time highs.

It’s thanks to the commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism of our existing workforce and management that we are achieving these outstanding results – and our ongoing recruitment programs are designed to build on these and develop them even further.

Whenever we recruit for One Komatsu, we are recruiting for a good fit with Komatsu values, and also the Komatsu family – a relationship we recognise goes both ways: both the “family” of Komatsu people and fellow workers, and also the families of each of our employees.

An important development in achieving this family fit is through our diversity and inclusion (D&I) program, under which we are working towards 21% total female employment within One Komatsu in Australia by 2021.

We are on track towards achieving this, given we are currently at 14.8% female participation – a figure that has jumped significantly in the past year.

The advantages of a successful D&I approach include increased diversity of thought, higher productivity and improved employee engagement.

Over-riding everything we do at One Komatsu is our focus on safety; our focus as a new organisation is always to be safe, and we aim to be an industry leader here.

We also recognise safety is not just about our employees, our contractors and our customers at work, but also extends to outside work, and at home.

We are also focusing on our employees’ mental health. This not only recognises that as workloads increase, stress levels can increase, but also that one-in-five Australians have a mental health issue. 

These approaches have all been helping us improve our safety figures year on year, a trend which has been continuing since the integration of Komatsu and Joy Global.

At One Komatsu, we believe that if we get these basics right: our focus on safety and employee engagement, then our customers will benefit strongly through dealing with committed and enthusiastic Komatsu employees best able to offer, deliver and support the industry’s broadest range of products and services.