Matt Buttigieg a 20-year veteran with Komatsu Australia, going back to the ANI Komatsu days is Service Manager at the company's Fairfield branch in Sydney's western suburbs.

17092010ProfileMattButtigiegFairfieldServiceManager-(1).jpgIn this role, Matt is in charge of 60 personnel (including 14 apprentices) in the service department, covering both workshop and field servicing.

"I guess a summary of my job is looking after our customers, making sure our guys do everything safely, while keeping the department profitable," he said.

"I'm also responsible for generating external work, and looking after our 'internal' Komatsu Australia customers in our new and used equipment divisions."

Matt said his main challenges were making sure that every one of the 60 people in his department worked safely at all times, and ensuring that new machines were delivered on time.

"We're really working to ingrain a safety culture among everyone in Komatsu, and for my department that includes ensuring that all my people complete all their safety documentation, whether out on site or in the workshop."

"I really enjoy these challenges, as well as all aspects of this service role, and seeing the satisfaction the guys get from achieving machine deliveries under tight deadlines.

"I also like making customers happy, and the good feedback we get is a great part of that," he said.

One of Matt's key aims is to hold onto the Fairfield branch's position as a leader at Komatsu Australia in implementing and maintaining the "5S's" initiative, which sets up guidelines for ensuring workshops and sites are well organised, clean, tidy and safe.

"This has to be constantly monitored to maintain 5S's standards, and currently we are leading the other service departments through Komatsu Australia, and we want to keep it that way!

"The next step in this process is to get individuals to take even more control of and responsibility for 5S's compliance at their own stations, which will help our work areas become even safer," he said.

Matt also has a strong commitment to Komatsu Australia's Customer Support Charter, launched in late 2008.

This charter sets out the company's customer support principles, and what its customers can expect from Komatsu in terms of support, across all processes, from pre-sales, during the sales process, to once a customer has purchased from us and for as long as they own a Komatsu machine or use a Komatsu service.

"In this department, we aim to deliver on that charter to the highest levels, we still have work to do to get to where I'd like us to be, but we're heading in the right direction.

"I think this is shown by the fact that we have a pretty good relationship with all our customers," said Matt.