Lowndes & Richards Crowned 2015 Bathurst Champions

Sunday 11 October 2015, Mount Panorama Racing Circuit

RBRA-Bathurst-Media-Release-2-(1).jpgJAMIE WHINCUP / PAUL DUMBRELL (VF Holden Commodore, Car #1)Race: 18th

Championship: 8th (1688 pts)

Jamie Whincup:

"It's a long old day and we put our best foot forward, but I made a few errors in that last stint which I think cost us a 1-2 at the end of the day. I couldn't be happier for Lowndesy, Richo and the team, they really deserved the win. The last thing I want to do is bring the spirits down. Massive congratulations to them they did a phenomenal job all weekend and certainly deserve to put their names on the Peter Brock trophy. I don't want to make any excuses, but I didn't know it was a safety car, I just thought we were pitting. Then I saw Lowndesy pull in in front and I thought we'd made a mistake and brought us both in on the same lap, so I elected to stay out. I thought there was an error and I tried to make up for it, but there wasn't and that ultimately was a big mistake. I thought I had a get out of jail free card when I came over the hill and the green light was on the safety car. I was always planning on pulling up behind the safety car and then I thought he green lighted me, but apparently the lights were off when I passed it. The error occurred by staying out, I shouldn't have stayed out."

Paul Dumbrell:

"Bathurst is a tale of emotion and we certainly had the rollercoaster of that today. Our day didn't exactly go to plan, but when our day doesn't, the only other car that needs to is #888. We were the first and second quickest cars all day and we really deserved that as a team. We probably deserved 1-2, but hey, the story will go down that at least Red Bull Racing Australia and Holden won the biggest race of the year. Lowndesy and Richo did a phenomenal job with the team."

CRAIG LOWNDES / STEVEN RICHARDS (VF Holden Commodore, Car #888)

Race: 1st

Championship: 2nd (2092 pts)

Craig Lowndes:

"It's such a treat to be able to win my sixth Bathurst 1000. It really is a team effort and it's all about strategy. It's great to be back on the podium. That last lap I backed off and really enjoyed the lap for what it was. I could see the crowd going wild across the top and saw their flags flying. It's a great time for us and it's great to get back on the podium and to be on the top step with Richo. It's an honour to have our names on the Peter Brock Trophy. We worked pretty hard today. Our car got better as the day went on which is what we needed. I think I'm pretty set for the year now after winning Bathurst. Richo is one of those quiet achievers who goes under the radar. He did everything we needed him to do today."

Steven Richards:

"As a driver you come here to Bathurst to do your best and the four times I've been up here on the podium I've driven with some great guys and been involved with some really cool teams. At the end of the day as co-drivers we play our role and try our best to help the team. I was pretty happy with the way I drove the car today. But I'm just a very small cog in a very big wheel."