Long Term Relationship with Grant Menhennett earns Stuart Buckby's Trust


D2E-Buckby-Komatsu-(1).jpgA long-term relationship with Grant Menhennett, Komatsu's WA Business Development Manager, has seen Perth-based Buckby Contracting continue purchasing Komatsu equipment since it started operations in early 2004.

Buckby Contracting is a civil construction contractor established by Stuart Buckby to provide specialist services in the installation of underground services throughout the Perth metropolitan area.

Today it employs over 50 people, building a strong reputation in the Perth civil construction sector and working closely with key players in the local industry.

Over the past 11 years, Buckby Contracting has played an integral role in many of Perth's housing subdivisions, road works, and other public projects.

Its fleet includes 12 Komatsu excavators, from a PC40MR-2 up to a PC450LC-8 and including a just-delivered PC200LC-8M0 and six Komatsu wheel loaders, three WA250PZ-6s with the latest delivered in March, two WA320PZ-6s and a WA380-6.

According to Stuart, pride of the company's fleet is its recently delivered PC450LC-8, which is being used for rock and bulk excavation work in primarily greenfield housing development sites.

"We bought it for work we're doing in Perth's northern corridor, up in Yanchep in particular, as well as down in Karnup to the south, where there's a couple of big housing development sites, and it's perfect for that," he said.

"It's big enough that it can handle the material without the need for a rock breaker.

"In addition, for one of our 30 tonners, we've bought a rock-wheel, which has allowed us to move away from rock breakers, which are the old 'bang-bang-bang-bang' and shake the living daylights out of everyone," said Stuart.

"We're finding that's a better solution these days, not only for the operator, but also those working and living nearby to the works."

Buckby Contracting started purchasing Komatsu equipment pretty much from the day it started.

"Our first machine was a Komatsu, and we had a great run out of that, and we've never looked back from buying them," he said.

"The product is a good one, and the service that we get from Grant is fantastic; he's the main reason I've stuck with them all these years.

"He can't do enough for you as a salesperson; he's really good to deal with."

Stuart's relationship with Grant goes back before he went out on his own to start Buckby Contracting.

"We dealt with Grant in my previous employment, when he supplied machines way back then, so I've probably known him for 20 years.

In addition to his relationship with Grant, the performance, reliability and resale value of Komatsu keeps Stuart coming back.

"You pay more for Komatsu up-front, but you get what you pay for, I'm a firm believer in that. We run Toyota vehicles and Komatsu equipment for that reason.

"It's reliable and well-regarded in the industry and I won't be straying from that," he said.