Komatsu wins gold at Australian Training Awards

Komatsu Australia has been recognised for its commitment to training and development by winning the prestigious Australian Apprenticeships Employer Award at the 2023 Australian Training Awards.

Komatsu employees being presented with Australian Apprenticeships Employer Award at the 2023 Australian Training Awards

The Australian Apprenticeships Employer Award recognises employers who have made innovative improvements in training which provide beneficial outcomes for their apprentices and to their local community.

According to Matthew Tosolini, Komatsu’s National RTO & Technical Capability Manager, this award win is a testament to Komatsu's dedication to nurturing talent and providing apprentices with a supportive learning environment.

“We have a strong focus at Komatsu to actively engage in the development of our workforce, whether that’s through our comprehensive apprenticeship programs, strong industry partnerships, or supportive workplace culture, it’s what sets as apart as a leader in the field.

“We want our apprentices to be continuously learning and enhancing their skills and knowledge, and our training ensures they will be equipped with the necessary expertise to excel in their roles,” Matthew says.

Komatsu employee acceptance speech at Australian Training Awards

Komatsu's apprenticeship program offers a comprehensive blend of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. This approach ensures that apprentices gain practical experience while also acquiring theoretical knowledge.

“We also ensure we foster strong relationships with key educational institutions and industry bodies, helping us to gain access to cutting-edge training resources and stay ahead of any industry trends or methods that might be used in the real world,” Matthew says.

“As labour shortages continue to be top of mind for our industry, we are immensely proud to contribute to the development of the next generation of skilled professionals and be recognised at such a high level for our training efforts.

“This achievement would not have been possible without the incredible effort of everyone at Komatsu. Thank you to our apprentices, staff, and all those who support our mission to promote excellence in vocational education and training.”