Komatsu has released the D51EX-22 dozer, a 13 tonne, 97 kW hydrostatic drive machine fitted as standard with a straight PAT (power/angle/tilt) blade and factory plumbed to take Topcon 2D and 3D machine control systems.

An ERG Class 04 (68-98 kW) machine as with Komatsu's smaller recently released D39EX-22 but at the top end of Class 04 the D51EX-22 also features the same unique cab-forward design, tapered bonnet and integrated ROPS/FOPS as the smaller machine.

This ensures the operator has an uninterrupted view to the blade corners and front of the tracks.

The unique cab-forward design on Komatsu's new series of small and mid-size dozers has been achieved by moving the radiator to the rear which also allows for excellent access to the radiator for easy cleaning, as well as outstanding access to engine and transmission components providing easy maintenance of these main components.

Power on the D51EX-22 comes from Komatsu's ecot3 SAA6D107E-1 common rail direct injection, water-cooled, emissionised, turbocharged, after-cooled diesel, rated at 97 kW and driving a Komatsu designed and manufactured dual-path hydrostatic transmission.

The dozer is also available as a low ground pressure (swamp) machine, the D51PX-22, which has an operating weight of 13.1 tonnes.

According to Kevin Edwards, Komatsu Australia's National Business Manager, the D51EX-22 being supplied to the Australian market as standard is ready to take Topcon laser or GPS-based machine control systems.

"This gives the ability for this dozer to have an automatic machine control system, which can greatly improve dozing productivity and grading accuracy, allowing operators to work faster and more safely with a reduced workload," said Kevin.

"And in particular, small dozers fitted with PAT blades are extremely productive, efficient and economical in tight, confined spaces and trim work.

"These 'Topcon-ready' dozers allow us to work with Topcon's Australian and NZ dealer network in fitting 2D or 3D machine control systems, ready to go to work immediately," he said.

Depending on the control system used, blade steering can be indicated or fully automated, so that even inexperienced operators can work much faster and deliver a high-quality final graded area.

All the information from the laser or GPS systems is constantly available on an in-cab display, clearly showing slope and elevation, with calculated corrections to a laser reference or design model are sent directly to the blade's hydraulics.

Two different systems for Komatsu dozers are available:Two-dimensional (2D), allowing creation of highly accurate flat or sloped areas (depending on configuration), using one or two laser signal receivers and/or a slope sensor installed on the dozer blade

Three-dimensional (3D), allowing complex design shapes and curves to be easily achieved, through the use of GPS receivers; this can be extended to millimetre-accuracy using Topcon's exclusive Millimetre GPS system.

"In addition to being machine control-ready, Komatsu's new D51EX-22 incorporates a number of technology leading features that make it a highly productive, reliable machine," Kevin said.

"At 97 kW, it has the highest horsepower of its direct competitors, while the high-capacity PAT blade makes it a very versatile machine, working with machine control, or stand-alone."

Other features on the D51EX-22, and others in Komatsu's new small dozer range, include:

Hydrostatic transmission is controlled by Komatsu's patented Palm Command Control System (PCCS) the same system that is used on its large construction dozers giving operators unprecedented control in a ergonomically friendly package, so they are less fatigued at the end of a shift

A pressurised air conditioned cab which is the same size internally as on its larger construction dozers, and featuring the same cab damper mounting system as on larger Komatsu construction dozers again contributing to operator comfort and productivity

Komatsu's just-released KOMTRAX system as standard, allowing all key machine data hours, fuel consumption, alerts and warnings, etc to be monitored remotely and accessed by owners from anywhere in the world.

Since its release at Conexpo in the US in March 2007, demand for the unit worldwide has been very strong, said Kevin.

Brief specs include:

operating weight, 12,710 kg; engine Komatsu ecot3 SAA6D107E-1 rated at 97 kW;maximum speed, F/R, 9 km/h; PAT blade capacity, 2.7-2.9 cu m.


operating weight, 13,100 kg; engine Komatsu ecot3 SAA4D107E-1 rated at 97 kW;maximum speed, F/R, 9 km/h;PAT blade capacity, 2.9 cum