iSite rebranded to Smart Quarry Site

Komatsu’s fleet management platform for quarry machinery, iSite, has been rebranded to Smart Quarry Site, to better align our brand of smart solutions under the one banner.

Komatsu Smart Quarry Site logo

While we have updated the branding and the title, the Smart Quarry Site system will still provide critical information to managers and operators to keep their quarries productive, efficient and profitable.

Through Smart Quarry Site, site managers can see every movement of their machines in real-time, by monitoring the location and status of their fleets through the platform. It also provides critical information about volumes and tonnes being hauled and loaded, and is brand agnostic, meaning the platform is compatible across mixed fleets of machinery like trucks, excavators, and dozers, regardless of the manufacturer.

Komatsu Smart Quarry Site on a computer screen

Smart Quarry Site also allows a site manager to see when the machine is idling, so they can direct an operator to switch off the engine while waiting, to conserve fuel.

Other features include auto-reporting capabilities for machine faults, automatic service metre readings, automatic machine utilisation measuring, and access through our myKomatsu online customer parts portal for parts and service kits.

This key performance data not only helps to keep operators safe, but also serves to extend the lifespan of machinery.