Introducing Smart Construction

Komatsu's Smart Construction is a major development in improving productivity and safety in the construction, quarrying and mining industries through the application of unique technology and integrated products.

It’s designed to work across mixed-brand equipment fleets, offering a single “one-stop-shop” service and support solution across all phases of a project's lifecycle.

What is Smart Construction?

Smart Construction is a technology solution business, launched by Komatsu in Japan in 2015, designed to capture information that can be used to solve problems or enhance operations and safety of a construction jobsite for our customers and stakeholders.

What does Smart Construction include?

Smart Construction Solutions, including SC Dashboard, SC Fleet, SC Simulation, SC Drone, SC Edge, SC Remote, SC Field and SC Office, are all key elements of Komatsu’s Smart Construction offering.

What can Smart Construction do for me?

With this unique and unrivalled offering, Komatsu has integrated a host of simple-to-apply technologies for the benefit of our customers, so we can provide end-to-end jobsite productivity, safety and management solutions across mixed-brand equipment fleets for construction, quarrying and mining.

All relevant stakeholders can connect to and visualise jobsite and project progress at any time from a range of devices, including smart phones, tablets and PCs, from any location, whether in the field or in the office.

How does Smart Construction integrate with equipment?

Machine control systems, whether factory-fitted to Komatsu’s iMC (intelligent Machine Control) products, or standard machines retrofitted with "bolt-on” machine guidance, allow operators, project managers, contractors and clients to benefit from these combinations of semi-autonomous operation, machine guidance or machine control.

Smart Construction allows equipment – whether Komatsu's intelligent Machine Control 1.0, and its latest iMC 2.0 version, or any brand standard machine with retrofitted guidance, payload technology and screens – to collect and send critical project data.

This includes real-time as-constructed data, seamlessly connecting to SC Dashboard, ensuring project teams can make data-driven decisions for the benefit of the project as work progresses.

Can Smart Construction work on non-iMC sites?

On projects where iMC machines are not deployed, Smart Construction’s drone solutions (SC Drone and SC Edge) capture the constantly changing as-constructed ground data, automatically comparing it against the project's 3D completion designs.

This allows customers to significantly improve construction efficiency and manage the accuracy of a project as it’s being built, at the same time enabling far safer and faster project supervision and management.

Smart Construction's SC Drone and SC Edge solutions also integrate closely with projects being constructed using iMC and third-party retrofitted machine control systems.

What service and support is available for Smart Construction?

Komatsu’s customers across Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia are supported by Komatsu Smart Division, a team of industry-trained, highly experienced Smart Construction Technology Advisors.

Their primary focus is to understand our customers' business needs and challenges, and to work hand in hand with customers in applying the latest technologies and solutions to improve both productivity and safety, as well as significantly reduce costs and rework.

Through Komatsu Smart Construction, we are dedicated to working together with our customers to achieve safer and ever-more productive jobsites, not only for today, but into the future.

How can I find out more?

To arrange for a Smart Construction Technology Advisor to visit your company, project or site, contact us on 1300 566 287