Komatsu has helped boost a Sydney contractor's bottom-line efficiency with its advanced KOMTRAX satellite monitoring system.

03102010KomatsusKomtraxHelpsSydneyContractor-(1).jpgThe KOMTRAX system gathers critical data on machine location, operational patterns and movements.

JCM Contracting accesses this information using the KOMTRAX Web Interface.

The company operates a fleet of eight Komatsu machines, all equipped with KOMTRAX monitoring.

JCM owner John Colohan says the KOMTRAX system gives his business peace of mind and helps the day-to-day administration of his fleet.

"I've been more than impressed with the KOMTRAX system, particularly the Night- lock feature," he said.

The operation of the machine can be disabled for security purposes at night by using the "Night Lock" function.

"KOMTRAX allows us to keep an eye on the machines where they are running, what the operating conditions are and what's going on inside them," Mr Colohan said.

"As well as receiving daily updates, the monthly reports really help us gauge machine usage and operational patterns so we can plan how the machines can be used more efficiently.

"Knowing what's going on inside the machine is a big plus when it comes to preventative maintenance, potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs," Colohan said.

Komatsu's Remote Monitoring Systems Manager, Karl Petengell says KOMTRAX is more than just a satellite tracking device.

"KOMTRAX gathers a variety of machine data, including fuel level and consumption, engine temperature, oil pressure and critical dashboard cautions," he said.

"This information is instantly viewable on the online KOMTRAX Web interface, no matter where you are in the world, and no matter how far away from the machine you are."

KOMTRAX monitors the machine's location and can disable it at night via "Night Lock".

If the machine moves out of its pre-designated area an alert is sent to the owner, potentially preventing theft or operation in excluded areas.

"KOMTRAX means operators can keep an eye on their machines whatever the size of their fleet, maximising the reliability and profitability of their operation," Mr Pettengell said.

JCM Contracting has been using Komatsu machines for more than 10 years. It has forged a strong relationship with both the company's Customer Support Team and Komatsu Utility representative Matt Watton.

JCM utilises a variety of Komatsu services including fixed price servicing, condition reporting, machine inspections and Komatsu's painting and detailing service.

"Komatsu's great back-up service is what sets them apart," says John Colohan.

"They are great to deal with, and very helpful with all aspects of my business.

"If there's a drama, Komatsu gets it sorted," he said.