Komatsu & Mighty Machines TV

Mighty Machines season finale featuring Komatsu! 

In this season finale, machinery and trucking TV show “Mighty Machines” puts Komatsu through the final test. We'll see how Australian rally champion @Molly Taylor holds up against the yellow Komatsu steel. 

Watch it on 10 Bold 3 August @ 4:30PM AEST

About the Mighty Machines TV Show

Bauer Media Group is set to unleash an action-packed, first-of-its-kind television show called Mighty Machines, showcasing the mightiest machinery the world has to offer.

Each episode features highly entertaining and engaging reviews, comparisons, adventures and profiles of the men, women and machinery that underpin the transport and machinery world.

From a first-of-its-kind ‘Burnout Symphony’ featuring a 900HP V12 custom burnout truck, to racing hard-core off-road buggies through New Zealand corn fields – even pulverising cars with 20-tonne excavators in a ‘Dig This’ special, follow Harrison and Cobey’s exploits as they travel Australia and the world in search of the mightiest machines they can get their hands on.

Alongside the action Cobey and Harrison bring to the screen, viewers can expect to see a number of high-octane celebrity appearances across the season on both two wheels and four!

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