"Designed to be a highly versatile and flexible loader"

WA100M-7-(1).jpgKomatsu Australia has launched the WA100M-7 compact loader, powered by an ultra-low emission Tier 4i-compliant engine that also delivers a fuel consumption reduction of around 10% compared with its predecessor, the WA100M-6.

The new WA100M-7 loader is powered by an EU Stage IIIB/EPA Tier 4 Interim emission-certified Komatsu SAA4D95LE-6 engine rated at 66 kW through a two-speed automatic hydrostatic transmission.

With an operating weight range of 6.9-7.2 tonnes and bucket capacities of 1.05-1.8 cu m, the WA100M-7 also features improved operator comfort, visibility, safety and upgraded product specifications.

According to Carl Grundy, Komatsu Australia's National Sales Manager, Utility, the new loader's Tier 4i-certified engine is built upon Komatsu's proven Tier 3 engine platform.

"With this new engine, we have leveraged our leadership in technology and innovation to design an environmentally friendly engine that decreases fuel consumption by approximately 10%, compared to the WA100M-6, while significantly lowering diesel emissions," he said.

The engine features an advanced electronic control system which manages air flow rate, fuel injection and combustion parameters, while after-treatment functions optimise performance, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and provide advanced diagnostic capabilities.

"Our Stage IIIB system includes Komatsu's Variable Flow Turbocharger (KVFT) and an EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) valve, resulting in better precision and air management as well as longer component life," said Carl.

"Optimised for tough construction applications, the WA100M-7's powertrain delivers high torque even at low engine revs, has high rimpull and has plenty of power in reserve for the most difficult ground conditions."

For additional tractive force, an optional 100% differential lock can be applied to the loader's two LSD (limited slip differential) axles.

A fully automatic, hydrostatic transmission sends power to all four wheels, while a large 132 litre fuel tank ensures long and uninterrupted working hours.

Carl said the WA100M-7 is designed to be a highly versatile and flexible loader, suitable for a wide range of utility, earthmoving, construction, building and maintenance applications.

"It features a hydraulic quick-coupler and delta-style boom for optimum visibility to the quick coupler pins and across a wide range of attachments, as well as Komatsu's "Easy Fork" bucket linkage system which combines high breakout forces when digging with full-lift parallel movement during forklift operations."

Operator safety, comfort and ergonomics have been significantly improved through an enlarged new two-door enlarged cab, with improved headroom and additional steps for easier access.The doors incorporate large glass surfaces, plus a heated rear window for excellent all-round visibility and increased worksite safety.

All machine functions are via a PPC multifunction lever, including electronic proportional control for the optional third hydraulic circuit for simple and intuitive attachments control, while a forward-neutral-reverse switch ensures quick and easy travel control.

A new in-cab monitor with an easy-to-read screen gives immediate access to all machine data.Optimal noise insulation, easy-to-reach buttons and adjustable vents further contributed to a comfortable work environment.

A lower centre of gravity in part due to the new cab contributes to a stable, comfortable and quiet work environment designed to ensure operators maximise productivity.

Maintenance and serviceability on the WA100M-7 have also been improved, due to Komatsu's unique tilting cab, which now features an upgraded fixing system for safer and faster servicing.

A redesigned engine hood opens wide for quick daily inspections, all electronic equipment is protected behind a maintenance cover inside the cab, while the easy-to-clean radiator is conveniently accessible.

A wide core radiator with an optional reversible fan is now standard, and dramatically reduces maintenance and cleaning time in industrial applications.

Also standard on the WA100M-7 loader is KOMTRAX, Komatsu's exclusive remote monitoring system.

KOMTRAX constantly monitors critical operating parameters, and alerts Komatsu service personnel and the machine owner's management team of any potential issues before they can result in expensive downtime.

"In addition, our KOMTRAX system transmits data via GPRS for a more stable communication, especially in urban areas or when working inside buildings," said Carl.

"At the same time, the machine's location is still detected using GPS, with all data generated by a customer's KOMTRAX-equipped Komatsu machines available on a secure web interface.

Brief specs of the WA100M-7 wheel loader are: Operating weight, 6.925-7.23 tonnes; engine, Komatsu SAA4D95LE-6 engine rated at 66 kW through two-speed automatic hydrostatic transmission; bucket capacities, 1.05-1.8 cu m; bucket breakout, 7420 kgf (1.25 cu m universal bucket); static tipping load, full turn, 5030 kg; maximum speed, 30 km/h.

For more information contact:

Carl Grundy

Komatsu Australia's National Sales Manager, Utility

Phone 1300 588 287