"Geotech has been committed to using KVX equipment since it was incorporated 14 years ago"

Geotech-b-(1).jpgA leading New Zealand-based geotechnical engineering company has found success in country-wide ground engineering projects, thanks in part to utilising Komatsu's advanced ground-engaging tools.

Geotech's general manager Neil May said "the burgeoning company had been committed to KVX ground-engaging tools since its incorporation in 2000."

"Geotech has been committed to using KVX equipment since it was incorporated 14 years ago," he said.

"At the heart of it, it comes down to the steel it's just good steel, pure and simple.

"The KVX system's fantastic metallurgy means KVX tools just won't break or come loose and fall in the crusher, but instead deliver fantastic penetration for thousands of hours.

"We don't use anything else; be it on our excavators, wheel loaders or boggers, anything we can fit the KVX system to, we do."

Beyond enduring the hard-rock environments in which Geotech operates, Mr May said "the unique design of Komatsu's KVX system produced consistently strong results in various applications.

"We've been working through solid granite to get down to the coal, but the KVX system seems unfazed by the hard rock," he said.

"And when we get down to the coal, well, KVX goes through coal like a hot knife through butter.

"You can stand back and watch the operators for a while with KVX, they get a full bucket every time.

"KVX equipment is easy to swap and simple to use, plus you can get double lifespans out of each engaging tooth by rotating them that's just good tech."

Mr May said the first consideration for any new piece of equipment on Geotech's fleet is to fit Komatsu's KVX system.

"If your machines have KVX, it's a good match you'll always be using the right tooth for the job.

"Komatsu manages a range of different sites to ensure we have a full supply of KVX teeth and wear bars, so we know we can rely on our equipment 100 per cent of the time."

Based on the West Coast of New Zealand, Geotech Ltd is a ground engineering company that specialises in large scale mining, hard and soft rock tunnelling, slope stabilisation, pressure grouting, bulk to precision blasting, industrial rope access and geotechnical ground investigation.

Geotech is focused on high-end contracting in extreme, challenging and in environmentally and culturally sensitive sites.

Current major projects include being the primary contractor onsite at Strongman mine, under the guidance of long-term client Solid Energy.