Introducing MyKomatsu: Buy Parts Online, quickly & easily

Komatsu has launched myKomatsu, a new online parts customer portal that makes ordering parts a quick and easy process.

Available 24/7 throughout Australia and New Zealand, myKomatsu has been designed to ensure that customers order the right parts for their machines and are through to checkout as quickly as possible.

It is completely cross-platform, allowing parts to be ordered via computer, smartphone or tablet – and then track the progress of orders and when they will be delivered.

According to Todd Connolly, Komatsu’s General Manager, Construction Solutions, this new sales channel aligns with the company’s philosophy of being “easy to do business with”.

“Ordering parts for earthmoving equipment can be a complex and time-consuming task, but myKomatsu has been developed based on our customer-first philosophy,” he said.

“Our industry-leading site offers customers multiple ways to find the correct part, including by part number, key word, parts book or machine type, make and model – with customers able to use whatever method best suits them.

“And once an online order has been placed, the order automatically passes through our business systems within minutes until it is ready to be dispatched from the nearest distribution centre.”

“We aim for it to be a self-service tool, through its easy access to parts searching, and the ability to buy the exact parts they need when it suits them – any time of the day or night,” said Todd.

“It also offers significant benefits for larger construction and utility fleet owners who may prefer to manage their parts ordering online. myKomatsu introduces a number of new features to further benefit customers and
make ordering the right part faster, easier and more efficient.

“These include online credit card payment options, and the ability to track the progress of deliveries,” he said.

“We also have automatic supersession management, which means that if a particular part has been
superseded, the customer will automatically be offered the updated part.”

In addition, myKomatsu gives customers the choice of being able to purchase anonymously as a Guest, or to
register and have their existing offline trade account fully integrated with their online account.

Deliveries are free of charge for orders over $A/NZ500. Todd said that as an organisation driven by People Powered Technology, the quality of customer support Komatsu provides is equally as important as the product

“This means that myKomatsu is backed by experienced personnel, who will ensure a customer’s experience is never compromised,” he said.

“That’s why myKomatsu includes a dedicated team offering 24/7 support to any customer engaging with the website.

“If they have a question or a problem, we will have people on hand to help,” he said.

To order parts through myKomatsu, please visit (Komatsu Australia customers) or (Komatsu NZ customers).