What does iMC include?

All machines in Komatsu’s current iMC line-up – covering the PC210LCi-10 excavator, and D61EX/PXi-23, D65EX/PXi i-18, D85EX/PXi i-18 and D155AXi-8 dozers, share some common features.

•    Automated blade and semi-autonomous control, from bulk excavation to final grades.
•    Integrated factory-installed Komatsu machine control system, with all components locked away inside, so they are highly secure from damage, vandalism and theft.
•    Multiple automated dozing modes, with auto grade assist, auto stop control and minimum distance control for the excavator, ensuring jobs are finished faster, more accurately and with minimal rework, so you move dirt once, first time every time.
•    Conventional “bolt-on” machine control components are replaced with fully integrated factory-installed GNSS antennas, enhanced inertial measuring unit (IMU+) and stroke sensing hydraulic cylinders, ensuring Komatsu reliability, durability and quality.
•    Exclusive cab-top (dozer) and handrail mounted (excavator) GNSS antennas greatly reduce the risk of damage, theft or vandalism associated with conventional blade and counterweight mounted antennas and cables – while ensuring greater accuracy through more stable GNSS antenna positioning.
•    Chassis-mounted enhanced inertial measuring units (IMU+) measure machine pitch and roll to enable precision work equipment control, even when working on slopes.
•    Robust stroke-sensing hydraulic cylinders use proven sensor technologies for accurate finish grade performance, allowing the iMC system to constantly track the angle and location of the blade or bucket edge.