• Engine

    Model Komatsu SAA4D94LE-3
    Type Common rail direct injection, water-cooled, emissionised, turbocharged, after-cooled diesel
    Cylinders 4
    Bore x stroke 94 mm x 110 mm
    Displacement 3.05 ltr
    Engine Power: 
       at rated engine speed 2000 rpm
       ISO 14396 69.8 kW / 93.6 HP
        Max. torque/engine speed 394 Nm/1.475 rpm
    Air filter type Dry air filter with pre-filter and safety cartridge
  • Transmission

    Drive system Hydrostatic
    Speed ranges 2
    Hydrostatic pump 1 variable piston pump
    Hydrostatic motor 1 variable piston motor
    Speed ranges (forwards/backwards) 2/2
  • Weights

    Operating weight7.065 - 7.36 kg
  • Hydraulic System

    System Open hydraulic system
    Working pressure (max.) 270 bar
    Maximum pump flow 75 l/min
         Option 120 l/min
    No. of boom/bucket cylinders 2/1
            Type Double-action
    Bore diameter × stroke:  
            Boom cylinder 80 × 714 mm
            Bucket cylinder 100 × 476 mm
    Hydraulic control lever Multifunction lever
  • Chassis and Tyres

    Type Low build rear axle oscillation for optimum stability and for best performance in earthmoving applications
    System 4-wheel drive
    Axles Planetary rigid axles with automatic limited slip differentials in both axles 100% locking differentials as option
    Oscillation Rear axle oscillation for optimum stability, oscillation angle 10°
    Tyres 455/70 R20 (standard)
  • Brakes

    Operating brakesCombined inch brake pedal actuates maintenance free, wet multi-disc type brakes in the front axle Self-braking via the hydrostatic drive
    Parking brakeIntegrated wet multi-disc type brake
  • Service Refill Capacities

    Cooling system 22.3 ltr
    Fuel tank 110 ltr
    Engine 10.5 ltr
    Hydraulic system 50 ltr
    Axle front 9.1 ltr
    Axle rear 9.1 ltr
    Transfer case (20 km/h / 40 km/h) 1.3 / 1.6 ltr
    AdBlue tank 20 ltr
  • Steering System

    System Articulated frame steering
    Type Hydraulic
    Steering angle to either side 42°
    Steering pump Gear pump
    Working pressure 175 bar
    No. of steering cylinders 2
    Type Double-action
    Bore diameter × stroke 60 × 369 mm
    Smallest turn (outer edge of tyre 455/70 R20) 4.130 mm
  • Cabin

WA100M-8E0 Wheel Loaders

With bucket capacities from 1.05-1.8 m3, our hydrostatic drive WA100-8 loader  features a latest-technology Komatsu engine, delivering increased power, performance, productivity and ease of maintenance – loading and handling many different types of material, across a wide range of industry sectors. As with all our wheel loaders, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 69.8 kW / 94 HP
  • 7.065 kg
  • 1.3 m³

Current Offers

Powerful and Environmentally Friendly

  • Greater engine power
  • Increased capacity for the standard bucket
  • Faster travel speed
  • Wide-core radiator
  • Highly efficient hydrostatic drive line
  • Low operating costs

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