• Engine

    ModelKomatsu SAA6D140E-7
    TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
    AspirationTurbocharged and air to air aftercooled
    No. of cylinders6
    Bore140 mm
    Stroke165 mm
    Piston displacement15.24 L
    Engine power (Manual mode)
    SAE J1995Gross 318 kW 426 HP/1900 min-1
    ISO 14396318 kW 426 HP/1900 min-1
    ISO 9249 (Net engine power)Net 311 kW 417 HP/1900 min-1
    Maximum torque2150 N·m 219 kgf·m/1350 min-1
    Torque rise37%
    Fan speedMax 1300 min-1
    Air cleaner2-stage, dry-type
  • Front axle

    TypeSolid bar construction welded steel sections
    Ground clearance at pivot710 mm
    Wheel lean angle, right or left14°
    Oscillation, total32°
  • Rear axle

    Alloy steel, heat treated, semi floating axle with lock / unlock differential (Auto / manual)

  • Steering

    Alloy steel, heat treated, semi floating axle with lock / unlock differential (Auto / manual)

    Minimum turning radius9.3 m
    Maximum steering range, right or left50°
  • Brakes

    Service brakeFoot operated, wet multiple-disc brakes, hydraulically actuated on four tandem wheels.
    Parking brakeManually actuated, spring applied on four tandem wheels. Hydraulically released wet disc.
  • Frame

    Front frame structure
    Height504 mm
    Width470 mm
    Side25 / 32 mm
    Upper, Lower28 / 32 mm
  • Drawbar

    A-shaped, welded construction for maximum strength with a replaceable drawbar ball.

    Drawbar frame310 mm x 32 mm
  • Circle

    Lubricated bearing type circle; Circle and pinion require no adjustment.

    Diameter (outside)1822 mm
    Circle reversing control hydraulic rotation130°
  • Moldboard

    Hydraulic power shift fabricated from steel. Includes replaceable metal wear inserts, cutting edge and end bits. Cutting edge and end bits are hardened.

    Dimensions5489 mm x 960 mm x 25 mm
    Arc radius414 mm
    Cutting edge254 mm x 25 mm
    Replaceable / Reversible side edges204 mm x 490 mm x 19 mm
    Blade pull (Tier 4 Final)26816 kgf
    Blade down pressure (Tier 4 Final)22230 kgf
  • Blade range

    Moldboard side shift:
    Right818 mm
    Left916 mm
    Maximum shoulder reach outside rear tires (frame straight)
    Right2126 mm
    Left2119 mm
    Maximum lift above ground542 mm
    Maximum cutting depth498 mm
    Blade tip angle53° forward, 3° backward
  • Hydraulics

    Load-sensing closed center hydraulics with variable displacement piston pump. Short stroke / low effort direct acting control valves with preselected maximum flow setting to each function. Double acting anti-drift check valves on blade lift, tip, drawbar shift, articulation, ripper, and leaning wheels.

    Output (At engine rated rpm)315.2 L/min
    Maximum system pressure27.5 MPa 280 kgf/cm2
  • Instrument

    Electric monitoring system with diagnostics:
    StandardArticulation, engine coolant temperature, fuel level, speedometer, transmission shift indicator, engine tachometer, torque converter oil temperature, DEF level (Only Tier4 Final), hydraulic oil temperature, ECO gauge
  • Capacities (refilling)

    Fuel tank717 L
    Cooling system
    Tier 372 L
    Crank case50 L
    Transmission85 L
    Final drive56 L
    Tandem housing (each)199 L
    Hydraulic system147 L
    Circle reverse housing27.5 L
  • Ripper

    Ripping depth, maximum537 mm
    Ripper shank holders7
    Ripper shank holder spacing501 mm
    Penetration force232 kN
    Pryout force242 kN

GD955-7 Motor Graders

Introducing Komatsu's latest mining grader, the GD955-7. Weighing in at nearly 47 tonnes and 426 horsepower, this grader is designed to be a highly productive unit, achieved through its market leading blade down force and high engine horsepower enabling faster operating speed. The GD955 also boasts extended component lives compared to the previous model. The GD955-7 is built to thrive in the rugged conditions of Australian mining, and its structural integrity is a testament to Komatsu's design philosophy.

The GD955 is well matched to larger haul trucks, making it a great addition to mining fleets. And it comes standard with Komatsu’s 360° camera system, KomVision, which houses a 5-camera system to provide a view around the vehicle using the KomVision monitor, with an additional rear view monitor for reversing and ripping operation.

  • 318 kW / 426 HP
  • 46,740 kg
  • 5,486 mm

Bearing type circle to greatly reduce downtime

A product first for Komatsu Graders, we are introducing a bearing for the blade swing circle, like that used on the PC300. With the factory installed autolube, the blade circle is maintenance free with no need for adjustments or replacement of wear plates. With a targeted bearing life of 16,000 hours, this drastically reduces downtime compared to the previous maintenance-intensive component.

Operator environment features

The GD955-7 features grader fingertip fine control functionality and a palm steer option for precise grading. For high speed tramming between job locations, we've retained the steering wheel.

High productivity

This grader has the highest effective blade down force, the longest wheelbase, the most power, fastest operating speed and the highest operating weight in its class.