• Engine

    ModelKomatsu SAA12V140E-7*
    TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
    AspirationTurbocharged, aftercooled, cooled, EGR
    Number of cylinders12
    Bore140 mm
    Stroke165 mm
    Piston displacement30.48 L
    SAE J1995 - Gross794 kW
    ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net780 kW
    Rated rpm1 800 rpm
    Fan drive method for radiator coolingHydraulic
    *EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified
  • Hydraulic System

    TypeOpen-center load sensing system, 3 selectable working modes
    Main pump typeVariable displacement piston type
    Pumps forBoom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
    Maximum flow for attachment, swing and travel2 317 L/min
    Maximum flow for fan drive324 L/min
    Hydraulic Motors 
    Travel2 x axial piston motor with parking brake
    Swing2 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
    Relief Valve Setting 
    Attachment circuits:
    Backhoe29.4 MPa 300 kgf/cm2
    Travel circuit32.9 MPa 335 kgf/cm2
    Swing circuit29.4 MPa 300 kgf/cm2
    Pilot circuit3.2 MPa 33 kgf/cm2
    Hydraulic Cylinders:(Number of cylinders – bore x stroke)
    Boom / 2300 mm x 2647 mm
    Arm / 2250 mm x 2138 mm
    Bucket / 2200 mm x 2170 mm
  • Drive System

    Travel GearTwo levers with pedals
    Gradeability70%, 35°
    Maximum travel speed2.7 km/h
    Parking brakesOil disc brakes
  • Swing System

    Swing Gear2 x Planetary gear
    Swing circle lubricationGrease-bathed
    Swing holding brakesOil disc brakes
    Swing speed4.8 rpm
  • Undercarriage

    Track adjusterGrease
    Number of shoes (each side)49
    Number of carrier rollers (each side)3
    Number of track rollers (each side)8
  • Coolant and lubricant capacity (refilling)

    Fuel tank3400 ltr
    Radiator240 ltr
    Engine128 ltr
    Travel gear, each side85 ltr
    Swing drives2 x 30 ltr
    Hydraulic tank1300 ltr
    Power Take Off (PTO)40 ltr
  • Operating weight (approximate)

    Backhoe:Operating weight, including 8 700 mm boom, 3 900 mm arm, SAE J 296 heaped 12.0 m3 general purpose backhoe bucket lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, and the standard equipment.
    Operating weight201,930 - 206,050 kg

PC2000-11 Excavators

The PC2000-11 can load more trucks per shift. Increased engine power, a more efficient hydraulic system and new engine-pump control logic provide faster cycle times and improved multifunction performance.*

*Compared to previous models.

  • 780 kW / 1,065 HP
  • 206,050 kg
  • 13.7 m³

Current Offers

High production

Greater productivity

High production fuels an eight percent decrease in production costs ($/ton) compared to previous models. The new “Power Plus” operating mode delivers nine percent more engine horsepower. New engine-pump control logic and a more efficient hydraulic system.

Enhanced accessibility

The 45-degree, hydraulically actuated boarding ladder for operators offer better accessibility and stability when boarding. Platforms and handrails make scheduled maintenance easier.

Operator comfort

Heated air suspension seat and suspension-mounted controls deliver operator comfort. Noise suppression provides low, cabin noise levels of 64.1 dbA. New, large-capacity air conditioning system. High resolution 7-inch monitor with rearview camera. Trainer seat standard.

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