• Engine

    Model Komatsu SAA6D170E-7*
    Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection
    Aspiration Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled, EGR
    Number of cylinders 6
    Bore 170 mm
    Stroke 170 mm
    Piston displacement 23.15 L
    Governor All-speed, electronic


    SAE J1995 - Gross 578 kW
    ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net 565 kW
    Rated rpm 1 800 rpm
    Hydraulic fan at maximum speed - Net 519 kW
    Governor All-speed control, electronic
    Fan drive method for radiator cooling Hydraulic

    *EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified

  • Hydraulic System

    Type Open-center load sensing system,
    1 selectable working mode
    Main pump:
    Type Variable capacity piston
    Maximum flow implement and travel 2 x 494 L/min
    Maximum flow swing 1 x 600 L/min
    Sub-pump for control circuit Gear type
    Fan drive pump Variable-capacity piston type
    Hydraulic motors: Gear pump
    Travel 2 x axial piston motors with parking brake
    Swing 2 x axial piston motors with swing holding brake
    Relief valve setting:
    Implement circuits 31.4 MPa 320 kg/cm²
    Travel circuit 34.3 MPa 350 kg/cm²
    Swing circuit 29.4 MPa 300 kg/cm²
    Pilot circuit 3.1 MPa 33 kg/cm²
    Hydraulic cylinders:
    Cylinder / Number of cylinders bore x stroke x rod diameter
    Boom / 2 225 x 2 390 x 160 mm
    Arm / 1 250 x 2 435 x 170 mm
    Standard / 2 160 x 1 825 x 115 mm
    SP / 2 160 x 1 950 x 115 mm
    TypeOpen-center load sensing system, 1 selectable working mode
    Main pump typeVariable capacity piston
    Main pump maximum flow implement and travel 2 x 494 L/min
    Main pump maximum flow swing1 x 600 L/min
    Sub-pump for control circuitGear type
    Fan drive pump Variable-capacity piston type
    Hydraulic MotorsGear pump
    Travel2 x axial piston motor with parking brake
    Swing2 x axial piston motor with swing holding brake
    Relief Valve Setting 
    Implement circuits31.4 MPa 320 kg/cm²
    Travel circuit34.3 MPa 350 kg/cm²
    Swing circuit29.4 MPa 300 kg/cm²
    Pilot circuit3.1 MPa 33 kg/cm²
    Hydraulic CylindersBore x Stroke x Rod diameter
    Boom / 2225 x 2 390 x 160 mm
    Arm / 1250 x 2 435 x 170 mm
    Bucket:Standard / 2: 160 x 1 825 x 115 mm, SP / 2: 160 x 1 950 x 115 mm
  • Drives and Brakes

    Steering control Two levers with pedals
    Drive method Fully hydrostatic
    Travel motor Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
    Reduction system Planetary triple reduction
    Maximum drawbar pull
    Gradeability 70%, 35°
    Maximum travel speed:
    High 3.3 kph
    Low 2.3 kph
    Service brake Hydraulic lock
    Parking brake Oil disc brake
  • Swing System

    Drive method 2 x hydraulic motors
    Swing reduction Planetary gear
    Swing circle lubrication Grease-bathed
    Service brake Oil disc brake
    Holding brake/swing lock Mechanical disc brake
    Swing speed 5.8 rpm
    Swing torque 406.1 kN-m
  • Undercarriage

    Center frame H-leg frame
    Track frame Box-section
    Track type Sealed
    Track adjuster Hydraulic
    Number of carrier rollers (each side)  3
    Number of shoes (each side):  
        Standard, SP 48
        Long undercarriage 55
    Number of track rollers (each side):  
        Standard, SP 8
        Long undercarriage 10
  • Coolant and Lubricant capacity (refilling)

    Fuel tank 1 360 L
    Coolant 142 L
    Engine 86 L
    Final drive, each side 21 L
    Swing drive 2 x 20 L
    Hydraulic tank 670 L
  • Sound Performance

    Exterior – ISO 6395 109.9 dB(A)
    Operator – ISO 6396 68.5 dB(A)
  • Operating Weight (Approximate)

    PC1250LC-11: Operating weight, including 9 100 mm boom, 3 400 mm arm, 5.0 m³ bucket, operator, lubricant, coolant, full fuel tank, and standard equipment.

    PC1250LC-11 Gauge
    Double-Grouser Shoes Operating Weight Ground Pressure (ISO 16754)
    1 000 mm 122 409 kg 0.95 kg/cm2
    1 200 mm 123 909 kg 0.80 kg/cm2

PC1250-11 Excavators

Get power and versatility with long boom and three arm options for extended reach and depth. Ideally suited for large general construction projects or deep underground utility work, this machine offers excellent digging performance for your tough jobs. And it comes standard with our Komtrax Plus remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 565 kW / 758 HP
  • 123,649 kg
  • 6.7 m³

Current Offers

Powerful engine

13% more HP and up to 8% greater productivity*. A Tier 4 Final-compliant engine without requiring diesel exhaust fluid or a selective catalytic converter. Auto idle shutdown timer and thermostatically controlled variable speed cooling fan.

Improved serviceability

Gain easy access to engine, hydraulic system and maintenance service areas with center and large left side walkways. Engine air cleaners have been relocated outside the engine compartment for easy access.

Improved operator awareness

Standard KomVision -camera system provides a bird’s-eye view of the surrounding area for improved operator situational awareness.* Komtrax Plus enables expanded monitoring of the fleet via satellite and wireless LAN.

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