• Engine

    Model Komatsu SDA16V160
    Fuel Diesel
    Number of cylinders 16
    Operating Cycle 4 cycle
    Horsepower, Gross 1865 kW / 2500 HP
    Horsepower, Net 1778 kW / 2385 HP
    Rated RPM 1800
  • Body

    All-welded steel flat floor body with horizontal bolsters and full canopy. Rubber mounts on frame, eyebrow and body up sling are standard. 

    Standard Capacity, heaped (2:1 SAE)   158 m3
    Body weight 29830 kg


    Extended canopy and pivot exhaust heating are optional.


    Floor sheet - Outer 1379 MPa tensile strength steel 16 mm
    Floor sheet - Centre 1379 MPa tensile strength steel 19 mm
    Front sheet 1379 MPa tensile strength steel 12 mm
    Side sheet 1379 MPa tensile strength steel 8 mm
    Canopy sheet 690 MPa tensile strength steel 5 mm






  • Braking System

    Standard ISO3450/1996
    Service brake - front Hydraulically actuated, wheel speed disc, three calipers on a 1213mm O.D. disc
    Service brake - rear Hydraulically actuated, two 635 mm O.D. discs per side, one caliper per disc
    Emergency brakes Automatically applied prior to hydraulic system pressure dropping below level required to meet secondary stopping requirements
    Wheel brake locks Switch-activated
    Parking brakes Multiple disc, spring-applied, hydraulically released, dry brakes on inboard end of each wheel motor rotor shaft.
    Electric dynamic retarder (max.) 3207 kW / 4300 HP
  • Cab


    ISO3449 (ROPS)

    ISO3449 (FOPS)

  • Cooling System

    L&M radiator assembly, split-flow, with deaerator-type top tank

    Radiator frontal area 6.24 m2
  • Electric Drive

    AC/DC Current

    Alternator GTA-51
    Dual impeller in-line blower 71.2 m3/min 2515 cfm
    Control AC Torque Control System
    Motorised wheels GEB36 Induction Traction Motors
    Ratio 32.22:1
    Speed (maximum) 64.5 km/h 40 mph
  • Electrical System

    4 x 8D 1400 CCA, 12 volt, in series/parallel, 220 ampere-hour, bumper-mounted with disconnect switch & lock-out.

    Alternator 24 V, 275 A
    Lighting 24 V
    Cranking motors Two 24 V
  • Frame

    Advanced technology, full butt-welded box sectional ladder-type frame with integral ROPS supports, integral front bumper, rear tubular cross members, steel castings at all critical stress transition zones, rugged continuous horsecollar.

    Plate material 482.6 MPa tensile strength steel
    Casting material 620.5 MPa tensile strength steel
    Rail width 305 mm
    Rail depth (minimum) 864 mm
    Top and bottom plate thickness 32 mm
    Side plate thickness - rear 16 mm
    Side plate thickness - front 16 mm
    Drive axle mounting Pin and spherical bushing
    Drive axle alignment Swing link between frame and axle
  • Hydraulic System

    Steering Accumulator assisted with twin double acting cylinders provide constant rate steering. Secondary steering automatically supplied by accumulator.
    Turning circle diameter (SAE) 29.3 m
    Reservoir 947 ltr
    Filtration In-line replaceable elements
    Suction Single, full-flow, 100 mesh
    Hoist and steering Dual, in-line, high-pressure
    Brake component cabinet Above deck, easily accessible with diagnostic test connections
    Hoist Two 3-stage dual-acting outboard cylinders, internal cushion valve, over-centre dampening
    Hoist times:  
    Power-up loaded 23 sec
    Power-down 16 sec
    Float-down empty 17 sec
    Pumps: Two pumps, single package, in-line
    Hoist and brake cooling Tandem gear pump with output of 931 ltr/min at 1900 rpm and 18960 kPa
    Steering and brake Pressure-compensating piston pump with output of 246 ltr/min at 1900 rpm
    System relief pressures:  
    Hoist and brake cooling 17237 kPa
    Steering and brake 20685 kPa
    Ports available for powering disabled truck and for system diagnostics.
  • Service Capacities

    Cooling system 568 ltr
    Crankcase 363 ltr
    Hydraulic system 1325 ltr
    Motor gear box (each) 58 ltr
    Fuel 4542 ltr
  • Suspension

    Variable rate hydro-pneumatic with integral rebound control

    Max. front stroke: 335 mm
    Max. rear stroke 279 mm
    Max. rear axle oscillation ±10.3°
  • Tyres and Rims

    Rock service, tubeless, standard tyres 50/80 R57
    Flange mount rim

    813 mm x 1448 mm x 152 mm rim assembly. Rated at 827 kPa (120 psi) cold inflation pressure

    Typical tye weight 23016 kg
  • Weight (Approximate)

    Empty and Gross Weight:

    Empty weight 182051 kg
    Gross vehicle weight 408875 kg



    Weight Distribution:

    Front axle 48%
    Rear axle 52%
    Front axle 33%
    Rear axle 67%

830E-5 Dump Trucks

The 830E-5, a 230 metric tonne capacity dump truck is said to be the most technologically advanced 240-US ton class truck Komatsu has produced to date. Powered by a Cummins QSK60 diesel engine rated at a standard 2500 hp (gross), and with a 2700 hp option for greater speed on grade, it incorporates the latest engine and drive system technology, as well as capacity and availability improvements. Advances in the engine and drive system parasitic load management on the 830E-5 reduces fuel consumption by up to 5%. These latest model improvements also reduce external noise emissions; the truck's total environmental operational footprint has been significantly reduced compared with previous models. Designed to provide a platform for future technology expansion, including autonomous operation using Komatsu’s FrontRunner system, and trolley-assist electric/diesel drive options.

  • 2,014 kW / 2,700 HP
  • 408,875 kg
  • 230,000 kg

Simple and Reliable Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system is a proven and reliable design with fewer parts that other OEMs. The system utilises a single tank, providing one common source of fluid for steering, braking and hoist actuation. In-line, replaceable filtration elements provide protection from hydraulic system contamination, making the system easier to service.

Structurally Enhanced Frame Design

By using advanced computer-aided design, finite element analysis, and full-scale dynamic and static testing, the frame design has been structurally enhanced to carry more weight and provides the highest structural reliability in the industry.

Hydrair II® Hydropneumatic Suspension

Hydrair II® is a suspension system that utilises four nitrogen-over-oil cylinders. This suspension system is designed to maximize machine productivity by providing the operator with a smooth and comfortable ride. By absorbing shocks to the chaddid during operation, Hydrair II® contributes to the durability of the machine's frame and components.