• Working ranges

    Hole diameter200 to 270 mm
    Maximum single pass16.8 m
    Maximum multi-pass85 m
    Maximum bit loading34 925 kg
  • Mast/tower

    Mast constructionStructural plate steel
    Mast raising cylindersHydraulic (2x)
    Carriage/rotary head travel19.1 m
    Maximum bit loading34 925 kg
    Mast length (single pass) (multi-pass) 22.9 m 18.6 m
    Mast width1.0 m
    Mast depth1.0 m
    Angle drilling (option)0-30°
  • Air system

    Compressor typeRotary screw, oil flooded
    Standard output56.6 m3/min
    Operating pressure6.89 bar
    Optional output76.5 m3/min
    Operating pressure6.89 bar
    DTH output 
    (standard)42.5 m3/min @ 24.13 bar
    (optional)42.5 m3/min @34.50 bar
    Compressor controlElectrically actuated, CANbus
  • Pipe handling


    Single-pass: 2 pipe carousel for 33.5 m total depth
    Multi-pass: Up to a 6 pipe rotary carousel 85 m total depth

    Pipe size      
      Carousel capacity  Diameter Maximum depth


    219 mm or less 8 5/8 in. or less 61 m
    5 219 mm or less 8 5/8 in. or less 73 m
    6 194 mm or less 7 5/8 in. or less 85 m
    Ability to handle 25 ft. pipe
  • Fluids/maintenance

    Fuel tank capacity (standard)1 514 L
    Fuel tank capacity (optional)2 366 L
    Water tank capacity (standard)1 514 L
    Hydraulic tank capacity1 136 L
    OGL tank capacity68 L
  • Feed system

    TypeRack and pinion
    Pulldown force302 kN
    Hoisting force302 kN
    Carriage speed (maximum)0 to 48.0 m/min
    Motor type (hydraulic)Variable displacement axial piston with integral brake
  • Power unit

    Diesel engine/modelCummins QST30
    Power rating783 kW
    Electric option≥3-phase altering current Secondary voltage (≥24, 12)
  • Rotary head

    Rated power158 kW
    Torque (variable) at 100 rpm14.9 kN-m
    Speed (variable)200 rpm @ 5 500 ft.-lbs.
    Motor type (hydraulic)Variable displacement axial piston
  • Dust control

    Dust curtains (standard)
    Electric actuator for dust curtains (optional)
    Water injection system (standard)
    Preheat system (for water injection)
    Dry dust collector (optional)
  • Lower works and propel

    Crawler typeB8 excavator-type
    Motor typeTwo-speed, variable displacement piston
    Low propel speed0-1.86 kph
    High propel speed0-3.12 kph
    Travel stability-mast down, drill string engaged15° (26%)
    Travel stability-mast up, drill string engaged9° (15%)
    Shoe/track pad width (standard)750 mm
    Shoe/track pad width (optional)900 mm
    Ground pressure with standard shoe126 kPa
  • DTH drilling

    • Up to 203 mm Down-the-hole hammer with 229 mm maximum bit diameter

ZR77 Blasthole Drills

When you need the lowest cost per meter drilled and blasted, Komatsu rotary drills deliver. Featuring rugged and reliable rotary carriages and enclosed boxer style masts, these machines provide ample torque and bit loading through the tough rock conditions. With maximum bit-loading ranges from 68,039-34,927 kg, Komatsu offers a range of rotary drills for a variety of capacities and applications.

Robust, solid boxer-style mast construction

To help reduce maintenance time and increase structural reliability, we've engineered an innovative solid boxer style mast.

Intelligent compressor control

This smart feature allows the operator to regulate the amount of air into the hole and helps manage power and fuel consumption. Effectively manage associated bailing velocity as well, which can help lower operating costs.

Drill automation system with remote control operation

Increase drill utilisation, helping to reduce operator inefficiencies and overdrilling. Single and multiunit high-precision GPS (HPGPS) remote control operation for effective control.