VIDEO 10 November 2022

Komatsu Smart Construction Webinars | Session 4: Komatsu iMC 2.0 Excavator technology

Join us with our customer on site to learn how Komatsu’s iMC (intelligent Machine Control) Excavator technology works for a real-world customer to deliver better productivity, lower costs and safer sites across all applications. Komatsu’s iMC technology delivers major productivity, efficiency and cost saving advantages to its “intelligent” range of dozers and excavators. work efficiency compared with conventional construction processes.

Question: Can Komatsu iMC integrate seamlessly into a project with other brands of machine control?  

Answer: Yes, of course. Komatsu have developed our systems to integrate with other brands in a project, although there is no direct connectivity between a Komatsu iMC machine and another brand of machine guidance systems, Komatsu iMC can connect to majority of the main brands of base stations in the market today, all iMC Komatsu machines are equipped with a Network modem so that the machine can easily switch between a UHF base or network base for corrections depending on the project setup and project requirements. Combining this with the multi-constellation GNSS satellite means quick setup and better accuracy and connectivity overall. Our Komatsu Smart Construction Support team and regional Technology Advisors are there to help our customers and projects at the beginning of a project setup and during the project to ensure successful site integration as required.