Short-Tail Mid-Size Diggers

Komatsu has launched two new short-tail excavators, the 14 tonne PC138US-11 and the 23.7 tonne PC228US-11, powered by new-generation Komatsu engines, and featuring advanced electronic engine and hydraulic control systems that reduce fuel consumption and improve operating efficiency.

The PC138US-11 has a Komatsu SAA4D95LE-7 engine rated at 73 kW, while the

PC228US-11 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-3 engine rated at 123 kW. The

PC228 is also available in a LC version with extended undercarriage.

According to Garth Dixon, Komatsu NZ’s Sales Manager, both excavators

incorporate new Komatsu fuel-saving technology, and also comply with US Tier 4

Final emissions regulations, reducing NOx and PM emissions by 90% compared with

their Dash 8 predecessors.

“The Dash 11 excavators now feature improved matching between the engine and

the hydraulic pumps, allowing the engine to operate at the most efficient speed and

save fuel,” he said.

“Higher pump displacement allows the machines to achieve higher flow outputs at

lower engine rpm.

“Known as ‘Low Speed Matching’, this system also provides better pick-up and

response to hydraulic flow demand, as well as providing fuel savings in low, medium,

and high duty cycles,” Garth said.

“Both machines also feature our ‘Variable Speed Matching’ control system, which

matches engine speed to pump delivery across both high and low duty cycles, and

reduces fuel consumption by lowering engine speed during low flow operations,” he said.

Six working modes further match engine and hydraulic power output to specific


The short-tail swing radius on both machines allows them to work in far more confined areas

than a conventional machine.

The PC138US-11 has a tail swing radius of 1480 mm and the PC228US-11 has a tail swing radius

of 1785 mm.

Despite their compact design, both excavators feature full-size integrated ROPS cabs

with a wide front view of the work area.