Serviced for Success

Boss Logging has relied on Komatsu excavators and servicing to support its operations over the last 12 years.

Boss-Logging-Excavator-(1).jpgBased in the Victorian town of Bairnsdale, forestry and harvesting contractor Boss Logging has been working in native hardwood forests since the business was founded in 2003.

Engaged by VicForests for the majority of its business life, Boss Logging now has a long-term contract with the Forestry Corporation of NSW and actively works in woodlands along the state's south coast.

The company performs a broad range of services, including clear-felling, harvesting, seeding and habitat retention.

Boss Logging currently uses several Komatsu excavators: a PC300-5, a PC300-6 and a PC300-7.

While Boss Logging is busy, the last 10 years has seen the forestry industry become a tough game to be in.

With restricted markets and a heightened public sensitivity to environmental issues resulting in greater levels of scrutiny, it has never been more important for forestry contractors to deliver their services on time, efficiently, and to the letter of the law.

With the pressure always on, the machines in the Boss Logging fleet are offered no respite and expected to perform in tough and constantly variable conditions. Temperamental or unreliable equipment is not offered a second chance, and machine failure is not an option.

"The excavators are working, day in day out," explains Boss Logging manager Matthew Van Dam. "Our dash five [PC-300-5] has over 32,000 hours on it."

No utility equipment is able to take a non-stop beating, so the constant nature of Boss Logging's operations means regular professional maintenance is non-negotiable.

Komatsu scheduled servicing has prevented Mr Van Dam from ever losing a minute's productivity due to equipment failure.

"I have always contracted my maintenance. We do a bit of it in-house ourselves but anything major is contracted out.

"I have always dealt with Komatsu in Morwell and have had a pretty longstanding history with the dealership.

"Komatsu's Shannon Barnes is probably one of the best field service blokes in Australia and he has done field service work on our machines since he started his career.

"Every time he has done jobs for us I speak to the Branch Manager and commended Shannon on his conduct and his professional ability. When he pulls on the overalls for Komatsu, the company is represented in the highest standard possible."

When it comes to a longstanding relationship and service, Matthew rates Komatsu as a notch above the rest.

"I have had a very good run out of my Komatsu excavators. I think their machines are probably the best you can buy," he said.

"All the brands are pretty good, but if you look at the backup side of it, Komatsu provides the best.

"Their machines are built for longevity, and I have been very happy with the support I have had from Komatsu."

The proof is in the pudding for Matthew, who is in the process of planning a major upgrade to Boss Logging's plant in NSW. The first machine on his radar? A Komatsu excavator.