"The machine is an essential daily tool for our operations and it runs seven days a week..."

Drouin-a.jpgKomatsu's comprehensive machinery service and parts support programs are helping a front-running recycling business meet its targets and deliver a consistently high quality service to its customers.

Drouin Waste Recyclers is a family-owned and operated company located in Drouin, which lies in Victoria's residential 'growth corridor', 100 kilometres east of Melbourne.

Drouin Waste recycles metals, E-Waste (electronic items such as televisions and computers), green waste, builder's rubble, cardboard/paper, tyres, mattresses, and oil.

The company operates a Komatsu PC30MR-3 Excavator, which recently recorded its 3,000th hour of operation since delivery.

According to Drouin Waste Recyclers founder Larry Evans, the machine runs faultlessly thanks to Komatsu's service and parts support, which includes KOWA (Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis) for detecting potential microscopic contaminants in the excavator's oil and cooling systems.

"The machine is an essential daily tool for our operations and it runs seven days a week unloading trailers and sifting through rubble," Mr Evans said.

"I'm very happy with how Komatsu helps us keep the machine in the best possible operational condition all servicing is up-to-date accompanied by detailed reports and a Komatsu Oil Wear Analysis (KOWA), an extensive range of customised tests that alerts you to critical information on your machine operation.

"Komatsu's parts support has also been excellent; the representatives have provided the items I need quickly because they know the pressure we are under with our workload," Mr Evans added.

Komatsu's Customer Support Sales Representative (CSSR) Parts, Bryan Bridges said constant communication with the client and structured servicing programs with proven services such as KOWA kept businesses running smoothly and operational downtime to a minimum.

"Komatsu provides peace of mind for operators who can't afford to stop their machinery for extended periods," he said.

"Our service and parts representatives take the hassle of machine maintenance off the hands of the operator, which is good news for both the business's bottom line and the long-term health of the machine.

"KOWA oil sampling is especially beneficial for a business like Drouin Waste Recyclers, whose PC30MR-3 is in use every day of the week.

"By analysing oil samples, our technicians can detect issues before they become problems and then advise on the best course of action quickly and efficiently."

Drouin Waste Recyclers also recently proved the easy installation of Komatsu-supplied Hensley XS system teeth.

Mr Evans' son Travis won a Komatsu-hosted competition at Civil Expo, Launder Park, Victoria, to change a full set of Komatsu Hensley XS teeth in the fastest time.

Travis changed the teeth on a five tooth bucket in just 27 seconds.

"It was really easy to remove and swap the teeth," Travis said.

"Hensley's patented 'hammerless' pinning system of the XS range makes for much safer and easier tooth changeover and rotation," Mr Bridges said.

"A conventional socket is the only tool required to unlock and lock the pin fastener, which drastically reduces tooth changeover time."

More information on Komatsu's machines, Komatsu's Hensley range of Ground Engaging Tools (GET), as well as Komatsu service programs, can be found at or by calling the Komatsu on 1300 566 287.