Demand Matched: New Diggers for Haines Bros

A major NSW earthmoving company has purchased several new Komatsu excavators

Haines-Bros_Image01_Internet-Article-(1).jpgA family owned company that has been servicing Sydney's surrounds from their main yard on the outskirts of the city Bringelly since 1996, Haines Bros operates a large fleet of excavators and associated earthmoving equipment.

Experienced specialists in earthmoving, road work, Industrial and subdivisions as well as plant hire, Haines Bros have recently faced a steadily increasing volume of road work jobs and subdivision work in the surrounding areas.

Additionally, the prospect of a new airport proposedfor construction in the Bringelly area could bring with it growth in the area and for local business.

The influx of work has seen Haines Bros make the purchase of several new Komatsu excavators over the last three months, on top of the several pieces of Komatsu equipment purchased in 2013.

The factory fresh PC138US-8, PC200LC-8 and PC300LC-8 excavators represent the diversity of applications and works performed by Haines Bros, as well as the strong growth Haines Bros has seen in recent years.

Business owner Mark Haines has a long standinghistory with Komatsu and a preference for the reliability of the machines and the industryrecognition that comes with the Komatsu brand.

"We do a variety of contract works within the commercial, industrial and residential fields," explained Mark. "We also offer our vast listing of earthmoving equipment to our clients on either a wet or dry hire basis."

"We are operating a fleet that includes an average of 20 late model Komatsu's; from five tonne up to 45 tonne."

Running long hours, in sometimes hard, rough conditions with different operators, Haines Bros knows that consistent, reliable operation and a reputation for getting the job done right, on time, are critical in the earthmoving industry.

"Our Komatsu gear has always been good and very reliable, utility machinery is essential to

the daily operation of our business. That's why I keep going back to them when I need new equipment" said Mark.

Komatsu also holds a sentimental place in Haines Bros. history. A 20-tonne PC200-6 excavator bought in 1998 was the first 20T Excavator Haines Bros purchased, representing a significant milestone for the business. So much so, Mark recently had the unit refurbished.

"The dash six is one of the best machines, and it was the first 20T we bought. It has a lot of sentimental value; we have had it for that long. After all these years its proven durable and still working onsite, with 15,000 hours on it, once it was fixed up it was put back to work."

With Komatsu a significant part of the Haines Bros story, Mark is assured that his purchase will ensure the business continues to grow and offer superior service to its customers.

"I am confident in the ability of the new machinesto deliver for Haines Bros. We have relied onKomatsu for a long time, you only need to look at the freshened up dash six to know that." Said Mark."Having a fleet of machines that I can count on to perform, day in day out is something this business depends on, and our customers depend on us."