• Working ranges

    *Height shown with bail-type dipper. Heights will be greater with bail-less or compact-bail dippers. Actual dumping height can be greater than door clearance height

    Height of cut16.6 m
    Radius of cut 24.2 m
    Dumping height* (door open)9.1 m
    Floor level radius16.4 m
    Tail swing radius9.9 m
    Operator eye level9.6 m
  • Capacity

    *Payload and dipper capacity are dependent on many factors. Contact Komatsu Mining for an analysis of your specific application.

    Nominal payload*59.0 mt
    Nominal dipper capacity SAE struck 26.8 - 33.6 m3
    Rated suspension load122.5 mt
    Optimum truck size (218 mt (240 st) truck shown)172 - 240 mt
  • Power requirements

    *Voltage per customer requirements

    Supply voltage*4,160 or 7,200 V 3 phase, 60 Hz 
    Supply voltage*5,000, 6,000 or 6,600 3 phase, 50 Hz
    Supply transformer(minimum) 2,750 kVA
    Minimum short circuit VA available at shovel22 MVA
  • Propel

    Propel on demand provides rapid transfer to propel mode. Rapid transfers allow frequent positioning of the shovel to the bank resulting in faster cycle times and more efficient digging.

    Two rugged P&H planetary gear cases of proven design independently transmit torque to the drive sprockets, producing the tractive effort required for fast, efficient propel and positioning operations.

    Delta drive low tension sprocket drive system with heavy duty cast crawler shoes.

    Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.

  • Crowd

    Powerband V-belt drive between motor and gear case absorbs shock loads.

    First and second reduction gearing in enclosed gear case for reliable splash lubrication, ease of maintenance, and extended component life.

    Twin-leg dipper handle with torsion box and rack and pinion drive has inherent stability in the bank for optimal digging.

    Spring-set air release disc brake.

  • Swing

    Two modular P&H planetary gear cases of proven design and a single piece forged swing gear transmit torque for fast cycle times.

    Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.

    Splash lube filtration system.

  • Hoist

    All gearing housed in single enclosed gear case with filtered and cooled oil fed to all bearings in addition to splash lubrication for reliable operation and ease of maintenance.

    Large 142.24 cm diameter hoist drum for extended rope bending life. Ferrule becket system and dual electric tuggers are standard for efficient rope change.

    Spring-set air release disc brakes – one per motor.

2800XPC Electric Rope Shovels

Engineered for outstanding digging power and faster cycle times, the 2800XPC electric mining shovel is intended to be the productive, reliable, low cost per tonne workhorse of your fleet. Featuring an AC electrical system designed to move materials quickly, the 2800XPC is built to give you years of dependable service even in tough environments.

Big machine systems in a compact package

You don’t need a huge capacity shovel to get state-of-the-art components. The P&H 2800XPC incorporates the advanced Centurion electrical control system and a rugged drive — powerful, productivity-focused systems featured in much larger machines.

Stability throughout the dig cycle

Built to handle hard materials with a focus on penetrating the bank, the P&H twin leg handle focuses energy and cutting force by preventing any energy-wasting twisting or rotating of the dipper.

Latest dipper technology

One of the hardest working pieces on your shovel, the 2800XPC features the latest in dipper technology and offers a low maintenance latching system, optimal toe penetration digging and the ability to pass match shovels with trucks.