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Komatsu Rental gives you access to Komatsu’s SMARTCONSTRUCTION. SMARTCONSTRUCTION is a significant step forward in construction industry technology, providing integrated product, service and support solutions across all phases of a project. 

With SMARTCONSTRUCTION, Komatsu has integrated a host of game-changing technologies for the benefit of customers, so we can provide end-to-end jobsite setup and management solutions on a rental basis across construction, quarrying and mining.

To ensure you get the best from SMARTCONSTRUCTION, Komatsu Rental Customers also have access to our Komatsu Smart Centre, with its team of Komatsu-trained technology solution experts backed by a regional remote support team.


SMARTCONSTRUCTION covers the critical steps in a project’s development, from initial site survey and design, through to machine control management, machine interconnectivity and review of project progress during the construction phase, and finally development of detailed as-built information for future construction and infrastructure maintenance.

And it’s all available through Komatsu Rental.

Komatsu has integrated these technologies through the introduction of drone-based survey and site management technology, and our cloud-based information management offering – backed by a team of technology solution experts.


Our ability to offer this fully integrated, end-to-end range of cutting edge products, services and solutions across every aspect of a project through Komatsu Rental gives you a real edge in today’s increasingly competitive and challenging business environment.

Key offerings

A UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) drone service, covering initial site survey, along with cut/fill and stockpile calculations, as well as ongoing progress tracking and site logistics.

3D data services, including conversion of 2D and 3D data files to formats suitable for machine control applications, and a best-industry practice 3D design consultancy, development and management over the life of a project.

Support services, covering remote monitoring, remote file transfer and operating training; iMC (intelligent Machine Control) advice, project integration and site set up; assistance and professional consultancy with 3D design file development; troubleshooting and servicing of machines and control systems.

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