2D & 3D Machine Control

Komatsu Rental dozers and graders can be rented with Topcon’s industry-leading GPS technology, to help you move dirt efficiently and effectively first time, every time.

All machines in Komatsu Rental’s grader and dozer hire fleets are fitted with base kit installation, ready for a Topcon GPS system.

2D machine control uses slope sensors, laser and/or sonic trackers to provide height references and/or slope references to grader and dozer operators.

Available in either indicate (manual) or automatic, 2D systems are widely used for bulk earthworks, house pads, sports grounds and other smaller jobs. 

3D machine control is a premium GPS-based solution designed for complex engineering designs.

Today, many  job sites with multiple machines use 3D machine control allowing all machines to work to the same engineering design across the site.

3D machine control involves the use of GPS, GPS + lasers or LPS, plus a total station, to calculate a 3D position for the machine’s blade or bucket tip. The machine control system uses this position to automatically or manually guide the operator to the design.

For even more precision and automation in both bulk and final trim applications, Komatsu’s fully integrated intelligent Machine Control (iMC) system is available on dozers and excavators within the Komatsu Rental hire fleet.

Whether it’s a 2D or 3D Topcon system being used on your Komatsu Rental machine, or even a Komatsu iMC machine, we can rent you a machine that will deliver you maximum productivity.

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