Here are answers to some frequently asked questions

Why rent from Komatsu Rental?

  • Rental is ideal to meet project specific requirements; for example, if an operation does not have the equipment for a specific short to medium term project, it can hire and then return.
  • A rental machine is an ideal substitute while an in-house machine is undergoing a rebuild or major overhaul.
  • Rental allows any operation to quickly meet an increase in project requirements
  • Rental allows increased operational flexibility.
  • Rental does not require capex and can be an off-balance sheet solution allowing the customer to invest capital in fixed plant assets.

What are the major advantages of hiring plant and equipment from Komatsu Rental?

  • By renting from Komatsu Rental, customers are engaging with a trusted brand, giving the assurance of high safety standards.
  • Komatsu Rental machines are all low-hour and/or new machines.
  • Rental provides customers with the opportunity to try latest model equipment before buying to see if it is suitable for an application.
  • It allows increased production efficiency; when a breakdown occurs on an owned machine, a hire machine can be delivered quickly to allow operations to continue.
  • Rental provides an ideal product comparison opportunity for operators to experience the Komatsu brand with no long-term commitment, something that is not possible in some cases with other owned OEM machines.
  • Hiring a machine through Komatsu Rental provides customers with an OEM-backed guarantee of reliability, and a strong brand assurance of quality.
  • For quarrying and mining customers, the ability to rent a quarry or mining-specced machine through Komatsu Rental assures customers that they are getting access to the latest technology, compliance and safety features, which are usually an additional cost inclusion when buying a machine.
  • All Komatsu Rental machines include access to KOMTRAX reporting to monitor machine activity, and productivity, operator behaviour and anti-theft protection or misuse.
  • Each Komatsu Rental machine includes full service and technical support.
  • Komatsu Rental can make fleet management’s job far easier by taking advantage of the company’s large national branch footprint, saving time by making a single call for service, support, or to rent further machines.
  • Using new, premium-brand equipment is more reliable, increases productivity and minimises downtime when hiring a machine. 
  • Komatsu Rental’s new or near-new machines provide increased operational uptime and availability.
  • Rental is ideal to meet short or medium term requirements, where capital expenditure is not a viable option.

Is Komatsu Rental equipment serviced at the job site?

  • Yes, all equipment can be serviced on site or at a Komatsu branch by qualified service mechanics and tradespeople. 
  • Every 250 hours, Komatsu Rental will service a rental machine, to ensure operational uptime and continual productivity are achieved through increased availability.

How many people are involved in Komatsu Rental’s maintenance/service crew?

  • Machines in the field are serviced throughout our network’s regions through the same Komatsu Branch network that supports and services equipment which is owned by customers.

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