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Operator Seat


One of the most overlooked items on construction equipment is the operator’s seat. There are significant benefits in ensuring that your machine is as comfortable and safe as possible for your operator.

When you talk about seats with equipment operators, they will tell you that it’s all about comfort and the correct seating posture to keep functioning at their peak throughout a long shift. Studies of operators who have used a new seat have reported reduced fatigue with over 70% feeling they are safer and more comfortable which in turn means higher production.

Komatsu Genuine seat technology provides a smoother operating environment - isolating vibration and adjusting to the weight shift of the operator resulting from continual movement of the machine. Good ergonomics and a good fit for various body shapes mean a more enjoyable day at the controls and increased production.

Komatsu Genuine seats incorporate design features to increase comfort, reduce fatigue and enhance efficiency.

  • Offer valid til 30 June 2019.


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