MineWare develops independent monitoring systems for draglines, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders and electric shovels to improve production, reduce maintenance and lower costs.

MineWare’s world-class systems are shaping the future of ground engaging equipment monitoring and automation globally, driving sustainable improvements in operator performance, mine compliance, payload management, safety and machine health.

Actionable, accessible information 

The aim is to make real-time, actionable information accessible to multiple personnel on and off-site, enabling them to make timely, informed and sustainable decisions.

Independent, integrated solutions 

MineWare’s systems are developed on an open platform, intuitive and easy to integrate across multiple systems to make global mining safer, more sustainable and more productive.

They include solutions for payload optimisation, machine health, mine compliance and situational awareness.




MineWare meets KOMTRAX. A powerful combination 

While MineWare products are designed to work with all brands of mining equipment, Komatsu’s and MineWare’s development teams work closely together to integrate the two company’s technologies. 

This ensures substantial added value for users of Komatsu mining equipment, including significantly enhancing the data monitored through Komatsu Australia’s INSITE Centre at its Fairfield, NSW headquarters.

Using KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus systems, Komatsu’s INSITE Centre monitors and displays a real-time feed of Komatsu machine data, ranging from the productivity to the machine health of equipment throughout Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia.  

Through the integration of MineWare’s Argus shovel monitor data with data provided by KOMTRAX and KOMTRAX Plus, Komatsu can extract a higher level of real-time, actionable information to improve all aspects of customers’ truck and shovel operations. 

Both MineWare and Komatsu are committed to enabling customers to achieve their goals of lowering their costs per tonne, managing machine health and achieving higher productivity through the use of the two companies’ technology.

Improve production by up to 16% 

MineWare’s real-time technology can play a pivotal role in optimising payload, machine health and mine plan compliance. 

Payload optimisation lies at the heart of good fleet management due to its direct role in improving haulage efficiency and production, through tightening the payload distribution in the truck body and increasing the average truck payload.

MineWare’s Argus system provides pass-by-pass payload information to shovel and excavator operators in real time, enabling them to achieve consistent, accurate truck loads, every time.

This means less overloading and underloading of your haul trucks, leading to higher
production rates, reduced maintenance costs and less downtime—while also improving mine compliance and safety.

The optimisation of any fleet starts with an accurate payload, based on the philosophy that if you can measure it, you can manage it. MineWare’s systems deliver productivity improvements of up to 16%, providing a payback typically between three and six months. 

Extracting maximum value for all 

MineWare’s offering is not just about the data it can collect; it is also about the quality of the information produced and its ability to help customers extract maximum value. 

MineWare systems have been specifically developed to produce actionable information for multiple personnel – from machine operators to engineers, maintenance teams and technical service people – to drive real-time improvements in mine compliance, production, maintenance and safety, while reducing overall running costs.

MineWare has been a fully owned subsidiary of Komatsu since 2017.