What can Komatsu iMC do for me?

Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (iMC) technology provides our customers with a solution to a major challenge facing Australia’s construction industry: the lack of skilled operators at a time when clients are demanding ever-higher levels of precision along with increased productivity.

Available for selected Komatsu dozer and excavator models, and designed from the start to work with Komatsu drone technology, our fully integrated iMC systems ensure significant improvements in efficiency and productivity compared with conventional construction processes.

Our intelligent Machine Control is designed to let operators focus on moving material efficiently – from bulk excavation to final trim – without having to worry about over-excavation or damaging the target surface – vastly speeding up site earthworks, while delivering greater precision and accuracy.

And importantly, Komatsu iMC is part of our SMARTCONSTRUCTION concept, which brings together a wide range of technology solutions, including drones and remote site management, to deliver more efficient, productive and cost efficient construction processes to construction sites around Australia.

Already, our innovative iMC technology solutions are making our customers more productive today... and into the future.

Adding Komatsu iMC machines and solutions to a fleet is a formula for unmatched productivity improvement.