What are the benefits of Komatsu iMC?

Our integrated iMC technology delivers a wide range of benefits on construction sites.
It allows contractors to complete bulk dozing and excavation, along with grading and final trim operations faster and to closer tolerances, with fewer passes to achieve finish grades or excavation profiles.

It also allows far more efficient machine use and less rework – operators just need to dig or grade it once, then move on.

And because all 3D design data is held within an iMC machine, contractors can greatly cut the times required for staking, survey and even final inspection, as well as allowing you to complete multiple tasks with one machine.

Other benefits include lower machine operating and whole-of-life costs, better material yields, reduced fuel consumption, and greater machine availability and uptime.

Because an iMC-equipped machine means simple operation for all operators, no matter what their experience levels, you will get greatly improved operator performance levels.

All Komatsu iMC machines can operate on multiple sites with any OEM-type UHF or UHF digital base solutions, including network corrections through a network base station.

And with our iMC machines able to be fully integrated with our SMARTCONSTRUCTION suite of solutions, including our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones, we provide you with complete project or site visibility.