How Komatsu’s iMC dozers make every pass count

Komatsu’s iMC system for dozers is currently available on the D61EX/PXi -23, D65EX/PXi -18, D85EX/PXi-18 and D155AXi-8.

It allows these machines to carry out both bulk and final trim dozing in fully automatic mode from start to finish, delivering final grade performance and accuracy throughout the job.

The end result is significantly increased productivity and efficiency – up to twice as productive as dozers fitted with conventional third party machine control systems according to Australian users and operators – while reducing the cost of each metre of material moved.

Our iMC system automatically controls blade elevation and tilt according to target design data – using common industry standard design data software and systems – so the automatic machine control features can be used for finish grading as well as for bulk dozing. This is unique to Komatsu’s iMC dozers.

Loading of the blade at the start of the cut is controlled by the iMC system; during the pass, if the load on the blade increases during bulk dozing operation, the blade automatically raises to control the load and minimise shoe slip, ensuring efficient dozing at all times.

Once the material level approaches the target design surface, the blade will follow it with millimetre-accuracy for close finish grading.

Four different machine control operating modes allow operators to best match performance to the application, covering cut-and-carry, cutting, spreading and final trim grading.

As well, the progress of construction can be checked using an integrated as-built mapping display, which collects surface data by continuously measuring actual elevations as the machine carries out its work.

End result: Komatsu intelligent dozers ensure unmatched productivity, combined with on-grade accuracy first time every time, from bulk dozing to final trim, for faster dozing speeds, fewer passes, less re-work, increased uptime and higher availability.