• Operating capacities, weights and dimensions

    Standard lift High lift
    Bucket capacity* 32.88 m3 30.58 m3
    Operating payload 58 967 kg 54 431 kg
    Static tipping loads    
    Straight TBD 147 211 kg
    Full 45° turn TBD 128 996 kg
    Operating weight 268 481 kg 269 887 kg

    * Standard rock bucket based on a material density of 1 780 kg/m3

  • Working ranges

    *Kinetic Energy Storage System

    Engine1 491 kW
    Kinetic Energy Storage System (KESS)*1 268 kW
    Standard58 967 kg
    High lift54 331 kg
    Bucket capacity sized to material density 
    Truck match218 - 327 tonne
  • Power module

    Diesel power options

    Cummins diesel engine Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 4
        Model QSK 60
    16 cylinders
        Type  4-cycle turbocharged
        Rated power 1 491 kW @ 1 800 rpm


    MTU Detroit diesel engine Tier 1, Tier 2  Tier 4

    16V series 4000
    16 cylinders

    12V Series 4000
    12 cylinders
        Type 4-cycle turbocharged
        Rated power 1 491 kW @ 1 800 rpm

    The independent power module mounting system, consisting of the engine coupled to the SR generator, is cradled within the rear frame by a three-point isolation system.

    Radiator/oil cooler module

    • Replaceable tube type, side-by-side split flow
    • Thermostatically controlled, variable speed hydraulic motor-driven, radiator-mounted fan

    Exhaust system

    • Dual, low restriction mufflers with vertical, mid-hood discharge
  • Propulsion system

    SR Hybrid Drive switched reluctance (SR) technology propulsion system

    • Digital microprocessor controlled traction drive
    • SR Hybrid Drive advantages include:
      • No commutator, brushes or rotor windings on SR motors or generator
      • Hybrid regenerative energy storage for improved fuel economy
      • Parts commonality - power conversion modules identical for motor and generator

    Travel speed

    Forward and reverse 0 - 19.31 kph (0 - 12 mph)


    • G200 SR generator
    • Switched reluctance (SR)

    Traction motors

    • B60A SR motor

    Planetary gearing

    Model 57

    • In-line gear train mounted within the rim of the tire, transmitting power from the traction motor through the tire/rim assembly.
    • A four-stage planetary drive unit in each position
    • Total reduction 99:1 
  • Control system - LINCS II


    Microprocessor based modular design Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) with monitoring and diagnostics including integrated data logging and storage.

    LINCS II uses a dash mounted full color, touch screen display as the operator interface. Out-of-range conditions will cause an audible alarm along with a message screen that is color coded to indicate severity.

    In addition, the touch-screen display provides repair technicians with operational data and fault messages.

    LINCS II load weigh

    Displays real-time load per pass, per truck and total loads

    • Memory capable of retaining months of production information
    • Capable of interfacing with radio dispatch systems for real-time monitoring
  • Hydraulic system

    HPD drive box

    • Pressurized, cooled, and filtered lubrication
    • Ratio 1:1


    (Maximum flow rate at 1,800 RPM)

    Main Piston (4) 1 870 L/min
    Steering Piston 337 L/min
    Fan/blower drive Tandem piston 171/171 L/min
    Accessory Piston 81 L/min
    Cooling system
    Circulating pump
    Vane 409 L/min
    Auxiliary cooling (optional) Piston 81 L/min


    Main Three (3) 663 L/min
      Pump pressure 27 580 kPa
    Steering One (1) 341 L/min
      Pump pressure 27 580 kPa



    Double-acting, single-stage (diameter and stroke), (standard and high fit)

    Hoist 381 x 2 108 mm
    Bucket 318 x 1 086 mm
    Steering 190 x 762 mm
  • Steering and hoisting system


    Steering function is controlled by a single joystick. Constant engine rpm assures full hydraulic steering response.

    Articulation angle 40°
    Turning radius  
    Standard lift 16.10 m
    High lift 17.06 m

    Hoist and bucket control

    Hoist and bucket control functions are incorporated into a single joystick control. The proportional electro-hydraulic controlled hoist and bucket system is independent of the steering system.

    Standard/high lift cycle times:  
    Hoist 12.6 s
    Dump 2.9 s
    Float 5 s

    * Estimated

  • Braking system

    Primary brake system

    Electric dynamic braking system is controlled from the accelerator pedal and can bring the loader to a full stop without application of mechanical brakes.

    Secondary brake system

    Air modulated traction motor speed disc brakes

    • Single disc and caliper on each traction motor (4)
    • Emergency fail safe brakes are spring applied in the event of air pressure loss

    Parking brake system

    Spring applied, air release traction motor speed disc brakes

  • HPD gear box cooler module

    • Thermostatically controlled, variable speed 24V electric motor-driven, radiator mounted fan.
  • Power electronics cooler mode

    • Thermostatically controlled, variable speed 24V electric motor-driven, radiator mounted fan.
  • Air filtration


    • Self cleaning KLENZ filtration system
    • Replaceable Filter Media meets the MERV15 rating
    • 5 000 hour filter life achievable
    • Filtered air for engine, drive system cooling and pressurised cab


    • Dual safety filters for engine
  • Fluid capacities

    Fuel4 542 L
    Hydraulic1 445 L
    SR converter cooling system57 L
    Engine cooling system490 L
    Crankcase (includes filters) 
        Detroit250 L
        Cummins204 L
    Gearbox27 L
    Planetaries (each)151 L
  • Structural

    Frames are fabricated from high strength, low-alloy steel with excellent weld characteristics and extreme low temperature properties. The front axle is an integral, fixed part of the front frame. The rear axle center oscillates 11 degrees.

    Unique forged ball and socket joints are utilized in multiple pivot locations (lift arms, rear axle, frame articulation, hoist cylinders). These joints are superior in absorbing and distributing multi-directional stresses. Features easily replaceable brass liners for long life and easy maintenance.

    High strength castings are used in key areas of fabricated structures to reduce stress and improve structural life.

  • Tires

    Tires58/85-57 L-4
    Rims47 x 57 with 6 in flange
  • Buckets

    Rock and coal bucket configurations available.

    Buckets sized to material density. 

    Standard, ISO-rated capacity58 967 kg
    High lift, ISO-rated capacity54 331 kg

WE1850 Wheel Loaders

When your goal is maximising your mining operation’s productivity, it’s all about cost per ton. The versatile WE1850 is engineered to improve both sides of the equation: Lower cycle times and increased payload equates to higher productivity and more tons moved, with new multiple features designed to minimise your fuel and maintenance costs.

  • 1,491 kW / 2,000 HP
  • 267,620 kg
  • 31-33 m³

Fuel efficient SR Hybrid Drive

The SR Hybrid Drive system is fully regenerative. During braking or retarding, electrical motors become generators and feed power back into the electrical system. This allows for up to 45% less fuel consumption than comparably sized mechanical drive wheel loaders. 

Handles multiple site duties

If your operation involves frequent equipment relocations, you’ll love this loader. It can keep the pit floor clean and level without support equipment, offers outstanding mobility and travel speed, and handles berm maintenance, road repair and cutting ramps. 

Greenhouse gas reduction (Tier 4 compliance)

The SR Hybrid Drive system efficiency gains, from the regenerative braking and the energy storage system, reduce fuel burn, which can result in a substantial CO² reduction per ton of material moved as compared to a mechanical drive.