• Engine

    Model Komatsu 4D95LWE-5
    Number of cylinders 4
    Bore x stroke 95 mm x 115 mm
    Displacement 3.3 ltr
    Horsepower ISO 14396 36.9 kW / 49.5 HP
    Rated RPM 2350
    Emissions certification EPA Tier 3
  • Operation / Application

    Bucket capacity SAE 0.85 - 1.25 m3
    Standard bucket capacity SAE 1.0 m3
    Bucket description Light material bucket
    Bucket width 1870 mm
    Dump clearance at 45° dump angle 2335 mm
    Dump reach at 45° dump angle 960 mm
    Static tipping load, straight 4170 kg
    Static tipping load, full turn 3620 kg
    Breakout force

    35 kN

    3569 kgf

  • Axles

    Drive system Four-wheel drive
    Axles Planetary rigid axles with automatic limited slip differentials in both axles
    Oscillation Rear axle oscillation angle 10°
  • Brakes

    Service brakes Combined inch/brake pedal actuate on all four wheels via hydrostatic drive and dry disc at front axle
    Parking brake Dry disc
  • Hydraulic System

    Steering System:

    Hydraulic pump Piston pump, in common with loader control
    Capacity (at rated rpm) 53 ltr/min
    Relief valve setting

    17.5 MPa

    178.6 kgf/cm2

    Hydraulic Cylinders:
    Type Double-acting, piston type
    Number of cylinders 1
    Bore x stroke 70 mm x 363 mm


    Loader Control:

    Hydraulic pump Piston pump, in common with steering system
    Capacity 53 ltr/min
    Relief valve setting

    23 MPa

    234.5 kgf/cm2

    Hydraulic Cylinders:
    Type Double-acting, piston type
    Number of boom cylinders 1
    Boom cylinder, bore x stroke 95 mm x 670 mm
    Number of bucket cylinders 1
    Bucket cylinder, bore x stroke 85 mm x 522 mm
    Control valve 3-spool type
    Hydraulic Cycle Time: (rated load in bucket)
    Raise 5.3 sec
    Dump 1.0 sec
    Lower (empty) 3.0 sec
  • Service Refill Capacities

    Cooling system 9.1 ltr
    Fuel tank 132 ltr
    Engine 7.5 ltr
    Hydraulic system 50 ltr
    Axle front 8.4 ltr
    Axle rear 8.4 ltr
    Transfer case 1.3 ltr
  • Steering System

    Type Articulated type, fully hydraulic power steering
    Steering angle 40° each direction
    Minimum turning radius at centre of outside tyre 3680 mm
  • Transmission

    Transmission Hydrostatic, 1 pump, 1 motor with speed range select
    Speed ranges 2
    Travel speed Forward & Reverse
    1st 0 - 5 km/h
    2nd 0 - 20 km/h
  • Tyres

    Standard tyres 12.5-R18
  • Weights

    Operating weight 5,035 - 5,380 kg

WA70-7 Wheel Loaders

The smallest of our wheel loaders, Komatsu’s compact hydrostatic drive 0.7-1.25 cu m WA70-7 is a versatile and fuel-efficient machine, able to carry out wide range of loading and material handling tasks, across general building and construction, stockpile and local government applications. As with all our wheel loaders, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our KOMTRAX remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 36.9 kW / 50 HP
  • 5,065 kg
  • 1.0 m³


Compact and Safe

The WA70-7 features excellent all-round visibility for improved vision. The machine has a low total height for easy transportation and optimal dimensions for working in confined spaces. The WA70-7 also comes fitted with a reversing light and back-up alarm as standard

Powerful and Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly, the Komatsu ecot3 engine is part of a long Komatsu tradition of efficiency and reliability and meets EPA Tier 3 emission regulations. As the engine is optimised for tough construction applications it delivers high torque even at low rpm

Easy Maintenance

Komatsu compact wheel loaders are known around the world for their robustness and durability. All maintenance and service can be done easily and quickly thanks to their unique tilting cab. The engine hood can be opened widely for a quick daily inspection.

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