• Engine

    Model S6D140E
    Type 4-cycle, watercooled, overhead valve, turbocharged diesel engine
    Aspiration Turbocharged
    No. Cylinders 6
    Bore 140 mm
    Stroke 165 mm
    Piston Displacement 15.24 ltr
    Horsepower, Net 209 kW / 280 HP


  • Blade Range

    All blade movements and positions can be hydraulically controlled from the operator's seat.
    Right 2,400 mm
    Left 2,400 mm
    Maximum lift above ground 420 mm
    Maximum drop below ground 680 mm
    Cutting angle 60.5° / 118.5°
    Maximum bank cutting angle 90°
    Hydraulic blade tip 49° forward / 5° backward


  • Brakes

    Service brake Foot operated, wet, multiple disc brakes are air-actuated on 4 rear wheels and sealed for adjustment-free operation. Two, crossed brake lines for sure braking.
    Parking brake Mechanical, dry, disc type actuated on transmission output shaft. Spring-applied and air-released.


  • Capacities (Refilling)

    Fuel tank 500 ltr
    Coolant 58 ltr
    Engine 38 ltr
    Transmission 25 ltr
    Final drive 63 ltr
    Tandem case (each) 190 ltr
    Hydraulic oil 80 ltr


  • Blade Equipment

    A-shaped, U-section, press formed and welded construction for maximum strength.
    Hydraulically controlled, internal gear type circle with six guide shoes for smooth 360° rotation.
    Circle diametre (outer) 1775 mm
    Blade base 3100 mm
    Blade load 14145 kg
    Flat type cutting edges meet SAE standard J738.
    No. cutting edges 2
    Length 2438 mm
    Height 254 mm
    Thickness 25 mm


  • Frame

    Frames are articulated by two hydraulic cylinders. Box-sectioned front and rear frames are steel plate welded construction and connected with an articulation pin. One-piece-frame design for the front frame in which hydraulic piping is installed offering excellent front visibility for more precise operations.
    Height 400 mm
    Width 350 mm


  • Front Axle

    Type Reverse Elliot-type front axle.
    Centre ground clearance 680 mm
    Hydraulic front wheel lean angle, right or left 18°
    Oscillation angle (total) 32°


  • Hydraulic Control Unit

    One variable-capacity piston pump powers the work equipment and steering system; capacity 278 ltr
    One gear pump for HYDROSHIFT transmission; capacity 133 ltr
    One gear pump for differential; capacity 17 ltr
    Piston-type hydraulic motor. Output power used for blade rotation.
    Horsepower 49 kW / 66 HP
    Double-acting piston type hydraulic cylinders: two for blade lifting, one for drawbar shifting, one for blade sideshifting, one for front wheel leaning, one for blade tipping, two for front wheel steering and two for frame articulation. Pilot check valves assure positive cylinder action (excluding a blade sideshift cylinder).
    Two 5-spool type control valves for work equipment controls. Relief valve built into control valves for sure control.
    Work equipment 250 kg/cm2
    Steering 195 kg/cm2
    Transmission 31 kg/cm2


  • Instrumentation

    Metres / Gauges / Monitoring System Service metre, Air pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, fuel gauge, dust indicator, blade bank pin retract indicator, electronic display monitoring system (for final-drive oil temperature, engine oil pressure, coolant level, coolant temperature, air pressure, alternator changing, engine oil level, hydraulic oil level, engine preheating), speedometre.
    Warning lights / Indicator Head lights, front working lights, working lights for blade, rear working lights, back-up light, stop and tail lamps, panel lamp.
    Pilot check valves For blade lifting, blade tipping, front wheel leaning, drawbar sideshift, and frame articulation cylinders. Rear drawbar.


  • Moldboard

    Hydraulic blade sideshift and hydraulic blade tip control. Circle drive slip clutch.
    Blade 4878 mm


  • Operating Weight

    Includes lubricants, coolant, full fuel tank, hydraulic equipment and operator.
    Total 26350 kg
    On rear wheels 18380 kg
    On front Wheels 7970 kg


  • Rear Axle

    Full-floating rear axle is made of forged heat-treated steel.

  • Ripper

    Four parallel linkage type with hydraulically controlled raise and lower functions, this ripper can be used to dig out rocks or hard ground not removable by a scarifier.
    No. of shanks 3
    Max. digging depth 480 mm
    Max. lift above ground 675 mm
    Max. digging width 2980 mm
    Additional weight (including front push-plate) 2585 kg


  • Steering

    Full-hydraulic orbit-roll type steering control system with two steering cylinders are directly actuated on the knuckle arm.
    Minimum turning radius 7.9 m
    Maximum steering angle of front wheels, left and right 50°
    Frame articulation angle, left and right 25°


  • Hydroshift Transmission

    The Komatsu HYDROSHIFT transmission consists of planetary gears and hydraulically actuated and force-lubricated multiple-disc clutches, assuring light-touch, effort-minimising shifting. Both speed shifting and direction changes are completed by a single lever. With the inching pedal, precise finishing operation and smooth machine starts are ensured. A super wide range of 8 forward and 8 reverse speeds match all job requirements. Accidental machine starts are prevented by a gearshift lock device and engine starts only when the shift lever is set in the parking position.
    Gear Forward Reverse
    1st 4 km/h 4.3 km/h
    2nd 5.4 km/h 5.8 km/h
    3rd 8 km/h 8.5 km/h
    4th 11.5 km/h 12.2 km/h
    5th 15.8 km/h 16.9 km/h
    6th 21.4 km/h 22.8 km/h
    7th 31.3 km/h 33.4 km/h
    8th 44.9 km/h 47.9 km/h
    Max. drawbar pull 14705 kg


  • Wheels, Front and Rear

    Tyres 23.5 - 25 -12 PR (L3) rock-type tyres
    Tyre rims 19.50 x 25 WTB
    Inflation pressure 2.6 kg/cm2


GD825A-2 Motor Graders

Developed as a minesite support grader for both construction and maintenance applications, our 209 kW GD825A-2 grader features Komatsu quality and durability to deliver high productivity and reliability with excellent availability. As with all our graders, key components are designed and manufactured by Komatsu to work together in an integrated package. And it comes standard with our Komtrax remote monitoring and location system, backed by our Australia-wide service and support network.

  • 209 kW / 280 HP
  • 26,350 kg
  • 4,878 mm

Current Offers

High Stability

Weight distribution on the front and rear wheels is well balanced, particularly the large weight on the front wheels leads to less side slip and greater productivity under heavy-duty conditions. The GD825A-2 features a large blade force to easily penetrate the ground on tough haul roads, ensuring efficient grading operation with fewer passes.

Articulated Frame

A 25 degrees frame articulation gives the GD825A a minimum turning radius of 7.9 m, making it easy to maneuver in tight quarters. Three basic operating postures are available to meet your varying needs: Straight frame suitable for long-pass grading, articulated frame for tight turning and offset frame for locating drive wheels on prepared ground.

High Blade Performance

The operator can position the blade at the desired bank cutting angle up to 90 degrees on either side, without leaving the operator's compartment. The high blade rotating speed facilitates quick blade changes for increased productivity. A large shoulder reach and hydraulic blade tip control allow the operator to match the GD825A-2 to the most demanding applications.

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